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Breastfeeding during lockdown: how coronavirus had a devastating impact on some new families

By Amy Brown and Natalie Shenker Becoming a parent is challenging at the best of times – but the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown measures have intensified this. Many new parents have had to adapt to changing and uncertain circumstances, such as expectant mothers having to attend antenatal appointments or having labour induced alone. The amount […]

Midwifery conference is criticised over formula milk sponsors

By Elisabeth Mahase Organisers of the British Journal of Midwifery’s annual conference, which is set to take place in March, have been criticised for accepting sponsorship from formula milk companies, something that the World Health Organisation advises against. Three companies that market formula milk (Aptamil, Kendamil, and Nestlé) are sponsoring the conference and have each been […]

6 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from January 2024

With a brand new year comes brand new celebrity breastfeeding content! We can’t wait to bring you the latest breastfeeding updates from some of the world’s top celebrities, reality stars and influencers. Throughout January 2024 we have had models, singers, reality stars and more flying the breastfeeding flag. Scroll to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments […]

A guide to mastitis when breastfeeding

Table of Contents Introduction What is mastitis? Causes of mastitis Other mastitis risk factors for mastitis Symptoms of mastitis What does mastitis look like? Beware: Mastitis can come about very quickly Treatment for mastitis Steps to take to treat mastitis How to treat mastitis with a breast massage Mamas share their tips for overcoming mastitis […]

Why is breastfeeding so political?

An article in the Irish Times at the end of December caused much controversy among breastfeeding mums. Mostly because of the blatant statement that said you could only breastfeed exclusively for 6 months if you had an identical wet nurse. The article went onto to say that the World Health Organisations guidelines around breastfeeding were […]

What can I expect when I stop breastfeeding?

During pregnancy and new parenthood, there is a lot of talk around starting breastfeeding. The challenges and obstacles you can face when you begin to breastfeed your baby are well documented. But what about stopping breastfeeding? What are the challenges that can come from weaning off the breast and how can we prepare ourselves? The lack […]

I stopped breastfeeding my toddler when I was pregnant

My daughter, Indie, was born 10th October 2020. I had always planned to breastfeed but also bought some bottles and formula ‘just in case’. I did a lot of research about breastfeeding, and followed a lot of breastfeeding pages on Instagram to help me prepare and understand what to expect. Because of this, I decided […]

My Neonatal breastfeeding journey with twins

I knew I was in for a rough ride from the moment I was told my twin pregnancy was high risk and my babies might not make it due to having Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and Selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR). I always had in my mind that I would breastfeed, but I knew that if […]

Wise Women – a poem by Emma Rosen

A long time ago on the first Christmas day, A baby was born and then laid in some hay. A star shone down brightly just where he lay, And three kings with three gifts set out on their way. Three queens sat around wearing beautiful robes. “What were they thinking with gifts such as those?” […]

Ep. 47: Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding

In this Christmas special, we speak with Dr Afif El-Khuffash about everything you need to know about drinking alcohol whilst breastfeeding – during the festive season and beyond. Afif is a neonatologist, paediatrician and a lactation consultant working at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. He co-hosts the The Baby Tribe podcast and is also […]

Surviving Christmas whilst breastfeeding

Christmas can be a hard time of year to breastfeed for some mums. If your wider family are not supportive of you breastfeeding, then it can lead to very awkward conversations over the dinner table. Firstly, before you make any plans for Christmas, think about where you want to spend your holiday time. If you […]

What are the causes and treatment of mastitis?

In this article we look at what mastitis is, what causes it, and what you can do to try and avoid it as breastfeeding person. We’ll also look at the latest treatment and self-care measures for mastitis so that if you do find yourself suffering from mastitis you know how to act fast to overcome […]

Ep. 44: How to recognise low milk supply

Infant feeding specialist Alice Lucken joins us to talk about how to recognise low milk supply. As an IBCLC Alice supports families with unsettled babies and infant feeding challenges. In this episode on low milk supply Alice talks us through the common causes for low milk supply, the signs to look out for and ways […]

The best Christmas gift guide for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeders everywhere deserve a special gift of appreciation, and never more so than at Christmas. A gift that shows you value them and all they are doing for their little one. To help, we’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for breastfeeding mothers. From beautiful jewellery to luxury nursing chairs, let us help you […]

Giveaway: Win the Ardo Alyssa electric breastpump

Win the Ardo Alyssa electric breastpump A double electric fully digitised electric rechargeable portable pump! Enter Now The Ardo Alyssa breastpump! The Ardo Alyssa electric breastpump is a portable double breastpump which is rechargeable, cordless, compact and easy to use. Other benefits of the Ardo Alyssa is its automatic power pumping feature to increase milk […]

Ep. 43: Why mixed feeding matters

Our first guest on this new series of the boobingit podcast is Karen Hall. As a breastfeeding counsellor, writer and podcaster, Karen regularly discusses issues around pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Most recently she published her first book, ‘Why Mixed Feeding Matters’.  “Many people will continue breastfeeding alongside using formula – whether that is something […]

5 tips for breastfeeding your baby with Down syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. When a baby is born with Down syndrome it is important that families get the individual support they need when it comes to their feeding choice. Inclusion is so important and that starts right from a baby being born. For families that want to breastfeed they can often face negativity […]

What to wear when breastfeeding in public

Packing my hospital bag at around 32 weeks pregnant, I still remember ticking off my list; nappies – check, maternity pads – check, magazines – check, baby’s ‘coming home outfit’ – check. I think as new parents, part of the excitement is imagining your baby leaving the hospital in their first outfit.Theres absolutely certainly going […]

The realities of breastfeeding a toddler

Our society seems to have this view that breastfeeding beyond 6 months is not necessary. That there’s something slightly wrong with you if you’re still going at one year, despite the World Health Organisation recommending breastfeeding until 2 or beyond. For me and many others, breastfeeding past infancy is totally normal and expected. Yet, there […]

Breastfeeding shaped the connection I have with my child

If you had told me that I would cry during our last breastfeeding session, I wouldn’t have doubted it. However, I would have never guessed the reason behind those tears. My breastfeeding journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and precious moments. As I reflect on this incredible experience, I can’t help but appreciate […]

What you need to know about expressing your milk

Many people have a successful breastfeeding journey without ever needing to express their milk. However, many feeding journeys will involve expressing, and there are various reasons why this might be the case. Reasons to express breast milk Lots of expectant mothers will be interested in expressing some colostrum before their baby is born, and there […]

Getting breastfeeding right the second time around

When I discovered I was pregnant with my first daughter in late 2019, I always said I’d ‘give breastfeeding a go.’ As the months went on and we prepared for her arrival, we attended a couple of antenatal classes (although the pandemic brought this to an abrupt end) and were taught briefly about breastfeeding. I […]

Win a Breastfeeding Bundle this Black Breastfeeding Week

Win a Breastfeeding Bundle courtesy of Pippeta Enter Now Pippeta, the award-winning breastfeeding brand Pippeta are an award-winning breastfeeding brand offering a selection of breastfeeding accessories. The Pippeta wearable breast pump won Best Buy Breast Pump 2022 and 2023. It’s a revolutionary breast pump that is praised for its affordability and ability to give pumping mamas the […]

Boots baby formula ads on Google broke rules, says UK watchdog

By Joanna Partridge Online adverts for Boots for four infant formula products broke UK advertising rules designed to protect breastfeeding, the advertising watchdog has found. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made the ruling in response to a complaint that the health and beauty retailer’s infant formula products had been advertised on Google. Promotions for baby formula for use from […]

Ep. 42: Breastfeeding my baby with Down syndrome

Our guest on this podcast episode is mother of two Charlotte Wayman. Charlotte speaks to us about her pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey with her one year old son Morris, who has Down Syndrome. During our conversation Charlotte openly discusses her difficult pregnancy with Morris as well as his birth story. She discusses her strong […]

New research shows both breastfeeding and combi-feeding may prevent children developing special educational needs

New research shows both breastfeeding and combi-feeding may prevent children developing special educational needs. Hot on the heels of another study linking higher GCSE results to breastfed infants, this new research is the first to investigate the effect of mixed feeding on the development of special educational needs.  A new study has found that both […]

Breastfeeding in the UK – the practical obstacles new mothers face

Almost 68% of women in the UK start breastfeeding, only 48% continue beyond 6-8 weeks – Gov.UK (2021) The long-discussed breastfeeding rate in the UK is low and continues to fall behind much of the rest of the world. Whilst the benefits are widely accepted, what are the practical obstacles of breastfeeding in the UK? […]

For World Breastfeeding Week 2023 UNICEF and WHO are calling for greater breastfeeding support in workplaces

In the last 10 years, many countries have made significant progress to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates. Yet even greater progress is possible when breastfeeding is protected and supported, particularly in the workplace. This World Breastfeeding Week, under its theme, “Let’s make breastfeeding at work, work” – UNICEF and WHO are emphasizing the need for greater breastfeeding […]

World Breastfeeding Week Giveaway with Pippeta

Win a breastfeeding bundle courtesy of Pippeta Enter Now Pippeta, the award-winning breastfeeding brand Pippeta are an award-winning breastfeeding brand offering a selection of breastfeeding accessories, including their award-winning breast pumps and weaning products. The Pippeta wearable breast pump won Best Buy Breast Pump 2022 and 2023. It’s a revolutionary breast pump that is praised for its […]

5 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from July 2023

As we approach World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August) we’ve been keeping a close eye on our favourite celebrity breastfeeding mamas. We’ve spotted lots of celebrities who’ve just welcomed babies and who are adapting to postpartum life, including breastfeeding around the clock! Scroll down to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made it on to our list […]

boobingit goes live for World Breastfeeding Week 2023!

We are excited to announce that boobingit will be running a series of Live Streams for World Breastfeeding Week 2023 (1-7 August). Over the course of the week our founder Ruth will be speaking with various special guests about breastfeeding topics that matter most to you. Our World Breastfeeding Week Lives are in association with […]

How I became a breastfeeding peer supporter

I wanted to share my experience of why and how I became involved in supporting others with their personal nursing goals.  It all began with my own experience, having unsuccessfully met what I envisioned feeding would look like for my first daughter. She fed well in the hospital and I was thrilled, but when we […]

Ep. 41: When newborn babies lose too much weight

In this episode we talk about what to do when newborn babies lose too much weight. Our special guests are Aimee Cestrone, mama of three and  founder of the award-winning breast pump brand Pippeta, and Maria Myres, the lactation consultant from Pippeta.  Together we talk about the important topic of newborn babies and weight loss. Aimee […]

The theme for Black Breastfeeding Week 2023 is announced

This year marks the 11th year of Black Breastfeeding Week and the organisers have announced the theme for 2023. BBW 2023: We Outside! Celebrating Connection & Our Communities Each year Black Breastfeeding Week carries its own theme and for 2023 the theme will be ‘We Outside! Celebrating Connection & Our Communities’. This year the event […]

6 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from June 2023

As usual we’ve been keeping a close eye on our favourite celebrity breastfeeding mamas this month. We’ve seen celebrities who’ve just welcomed babies and those who are juggling the demands of breastfeeding, pumping and working. Scroll down to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made it on to our list this month. Let’s take a look… […]

Live stream: Overcoming sore nips when breastfeeding

Join us for a special live stream to address a very common but preventable problem – sore nipples when breastfeeding. During the live stream Ruth from boobingit will be joined by two special guests from the award-winning breastfeeding brand Pippeta. Joining us will be Maria Myres, the international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) from Pippeta, […]

What happened to National Breastfeeding Celebration Week?

The group I volunteer with holds its AGM during National Breastfeeding Celebration Week every year. We celebrate our successes and look ahead to the new year and how we can better support families in our community. We invite the mayor, have cake and take photos for social media – it’s a pleasant celebratory afternoon. But […]

Global Congress opens to counter harmful marketing of formula milk

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are hosting the first Global Congress on the implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes on 20-22 June 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. During the event, delegates from around 130 countries will discuss and share knowledge and strategies to end the […]

Breastfeeding found to reduce ultra-processed food intake among preschoolers

By Pooja Toshniwal Paharia Reviewed by Lily Ramsey, LLM In a recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, researchers determined the association between the duration of breastfeeding and the intake of ultra-processed food items (UPF) among preschool children in Spain. Background Breastfed infants reportedly consume more fruits and vegetables than formula-fed infants. […]

Scottish Breastfeeding Week 2023

I’d like to mark Scottish Breastfeeding Week by highlighting the inequalities in Scotland. Important data has continued to be gathered and colleagues on the Scottish Breastfeeding Collaborative have done an excellent job of summarising it in the Breastfeeding and Inequalities Toolkit.  Sadly it highlights trends that we are all too familiar with, the already privileged […]

One in five women experience feelings of aversion during breastfeeding, according to a new Australian study

One in five women experience feelings of aversion during breastfeeding, according to a new Australian study, suggesting the phenomenon is more prevalent than previously recognised. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months due to the numerous health benefits it offers both mothers and babies. However, Australian statistics reveal around 30% […]

Women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy benefit most from breastfeeding

Jessica Nye, PhD Long-term sequalae from hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) may be attenuated in part by breastfeeding, according to results of a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Data for this analysis were sourced from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) which was a prospective population-based pregnancy cohort […]

5 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from May 2023

As usual we’ve been keeping a close eye on our favourite celebrity breastfeeding mamas this month. We’ve seen celebrities who’ve just welcomed babies and those who are juggling the demands of breastfeeding, pumping and working. Scroll down to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made it on to our list this month. Let’s take a look… […]

Ep. 39: Induced lactation with Dr Sharon Silberstein

Our special guest for this episode is Dr Sharon Silberstein – medical doctor, IBCLC and Tongue tie specialist. Known as The Breastfeeding Doctor, Sharon has been working in the field of Breastfeeding Medicine for the last 10 years. She runs the Dr Silberstein Clinic in London, which is dedicated to delivering a holistic approach to […]

Why postnatal doulas aren’t just for the rich and famous

My background is in childcare and I am a professional Nanny. I’ve been working with children in different capacities for 20 years now and training to become a postnatal doula was something that made sense to me. I love supporting parents and their young families – especially during a period of transition, when a new […]

Why a viral post of a CEO breastfeeding her daughter matters in 2023

By Angela Priestley Entrepreneur Anna Fuller recently described the acronym of ‘FWP’ that she said has become well-known in female founder circles. It stands for “Fundraising While Pregnant”, a special category requiring advice in startup land. If you thought that in 2023 the idea of approaching investors while pregnant wouldn’t inspire bias or be an […]

These mamas breastfed in the coolest places ever

From breastfeeding amongst the sunflower fields to breastfeeding amongst the excitable crowds at Disneyland, we are sharing with you the coolest places breastfeeding mothers have fed their babies from. The ability to feed anywhere, anytime gives breastfeeding mothers a sense of freedom and flexibility which can be incredibly empowering. It means you can enjoy the […]

Breastfeeding support from doctors – is it good enough?

I meet mums all the time that tell me about their breastfeeding story, and why it might have prematurely ended. The majority of the time it is usually down to poor advice and support, doubts about confidence in feeding and other’s opinions which are not validated.  Only today I met a mum who’s baby was […]

Pumping breaks at work? These mothers share their different experiences of returning to work whilst breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding parents are ‘entitled to more frequent breaks’ when returning to work (, in the UK the law does not currently allow a simple, straightforward right to breastfeeding breaks. Mothers go back to work at different stages of their child’s life and do so for a variety of reasons. Although maternity leave allows you […]

Action needed on breastfeeding data collection to gauge medicine impact

Women using prescription medicines whilst breastfeeding are often faced with a lack of information. A new systematic review from Swansea University in collaboration with ConcePTION, an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), has called for action to: monitor infants for any possible adverse drug reactions from exposure to medicines through breastmilk, even though problems may be rare. target […]

These mamas breastfed in the most picturesque places imaginable

From breastfeeding in the peace and quiet of the beautiful English countryside to breastfeeding by a majestic snow-capped volcano, we are sharing with you the wild and wonderful places breastfeeding mothers have fed their babies from. The ability to feed anywhere, anytime gives breastfeeding mothers a sense of freedom and flexibility which can be incredibly […]

What maternity/nursing bra works best with my breast pump

With a wide range of nursing bras available in the market, it can be challenging to determine the best one for you. Your choice of nursing bra should consider your personal preferences, size, and daily activities, whether you are going out, working, or working out. Similarly, when selecting a pumping bra, factors such as the […]

Hypnobirthing may not be what you think it is – here’s why

Hypnobirthing is quite a misunderstood term.  A lot of discourse around hypnobirthing talks about calm and peaceful births, and it’s true, sometimes you can “breathe your baby out”.  But that’s not the only way to hypnobirth – there is no ‘correct’ way to do it.  Birth can be calm and peaceful, but it can also be wild and […]

Do you breastfeed in secret? 

At an event last year, I met a mum who knew about my business and of course we got chatting about all things breastfeeding. During the conversation she mentioned she breastfed in secret. I asked her to explain as I was curious how you would even do that.  She explained her little toddler was only feeding at night […]

My sister gave me the confidence to breastfeed

My sister gave birth to her fourth child just two and a half weeks after I gave birth to our first. What great timing! I’d seen her breastfeed all three previous children and so to me, it was a totally normal part of motherhood. When it actually started for me, I felt I knew very […]

Mothers Day gifts for the breastfeeding mama

Many of you will be celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday 19 March and what better way to show your love than with a thoughtful gift. Breastfeeding mamas care for and nourish their little ones each and every day. For that we admire and love them. They deserve a day to be treated and celebrated for […]

The (not so) Subtle Art of Breastfeeding

I remember having an internal state of panic at the thought of breastfeeding in public; the thought of what everyone else thinks, people being disgusted at me, being sexualised, mothers of older children telling me off and so on. I would search the internet for breastfeeding covers, muslin cloths that were large enough to cover […]

Model Mara Martin, who went viral for breastfeeding on the runway, is expecting baby no. 2

By People Staff Author  Mara Martin is going to be a mom of two! The Sports Illustrated model, who went viral in 2018 for walking the runway while breastfeeding her daughter, is pregnant, expecting her second baby with fiancé Ryan Vandenburg, PEOPLE can exclusively announce. Martin and Vandenburg are already parents to daughter Aria, 5. “We are so excited for […]

What to expect when you stop nursing your child

The reasons why a parent may stop nursing their child varies and can range from nursing aversion, incompatible medical treatments, a desire to wean led by themselves or their child or their milk supply has decreased during pregnancy perhaps and they do not want to continue to nurse. Perhaps the parent does not want to […]

Experts call for clampdowns on exploitative formula milk marketing in new Lancet series

The formula milk industry’s marketing tactics are exploitative and urgent clampdowns are needed to tackle misleading claims and political interference, according to a new three-paper series published in The Lancet today. Industry influence – which includes lobbying against vital breastfeeding support measures – seriously jeopardizes the health and rights of women and children, the papers […]

Tongue tie in babies

Tongue Tie occurs when tongue movement is restricted by the presence of a short, tight membrane (known as the lingual frenulum) which stretches from the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This strand of tissue is visible when the tongue is lifted and is a normal part of anatomy. However, when it […]

Breastfeeding tattoos you need to see to believe

Many of us opt for a tattoo to symbolise an important moment or milestone in our lives. A forever reminder of our most cherished memories. Breastfeeding can end up being such an important part of our early parenthood experience that we feel compelled to get a tattoo to commemorate our journey. Often the decision to […]

Study uncovers protein that kick-starts milk production after breastfeeding is over

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc. Scientists have discovered a protein that kick-starts milk production after breastfeeding is over – something which could provide effective new targets for cancer treatments. The groundbreaking study from the University of Sheffield uncovered a protein called Rac1, which acts as a critical switch to kick-start milk production in breast cells when […]

Yorkshire Shepherdess: ‘Gnarled old farmers’ have better breastfeeding attitude than city dwellers

By Anita Singh The Yorkshire Shepherdess has suggested that “gnarled old hill farmers” can be more open-minded about breastfeeding than city-dwellers. Amanda Owen, who has breastfed her nine children over a period of 15 years, said people were wrong to make assumptions about country folk. “The number of times I’ve been at the auction mart with […]

Let’s talk about Sex and Breastfeeding

Sex and intimacy can be different after having a baby, especially when you are breastfeeding. Our bodies can react differently to touch and pleasure during breastfeeding. This can be unexpected and often a cause of worry. But it is very common and normal to feel touched out and not all sexy when breastfeeding. With leaking […]

Breastfeeding babies can offset the risk of asthma from antibiotics

News Release New first-of-its-kind research by BC Children’s Hospital investigators shows that breastfeeding can protect newborns from the asthma risk due to antibiotic exposure. According to the study, published in Med, children who were not breastfed while taking antibiotics had three times the risk of developing asthma compared to those who were breastfed while taking antibiotics. […]

Weaning a nursing child from the breast or chest 

As a breastfeeding counsellor supporting the National Breastfeeding Helpline, I am well versed in the topic of weaning. In fact, it is my favourite one to provide support to families about. This is because it is often a very controversial or ‘taboo’ area within our Western society when we think about nursing older children. I […]

The boobingit podcast – 2022 year in review

This year we recorded 13 episodes of the boobingit podcast. Our 2022 guests included parenting authors, celebrity mamas, wellness experts, midwives, and lactation consultants. We were spoiled with top-quality guests who shared their knowledge and experience with us. We tackled subject matters including mastitis, allergies and reflux and we also explored people’s own complex breastfeeding […]

Father Christmas – a poem

Santa Claus woke up to jingling bells, His alarm clock was ringing the start of Noel. His eyes, they were burning, he started to yawn, Just a few days ago, their baby was born. The baby had fed all night long, so it seemed, And the fidgets and sighs broke up Santa’s sweet dreams. But […]

‘Everything hurt and I was ready to give up’: Tanya Burr details her breastfeeding struggles after giving birth to her son Sage

By LAURA FOX Tanya Burr has candidly revealed she’s been struggling with breastfeeding and was ‘ready to give up’ after giving birth to her son Sage. Taking to Instagram Stories, the actress, 33, admitted that trying to nurse her baby boy meant that ‘everything hurt,’ but after turning a corner has found it to be one of her […]

Breastfeeding a baby with Down syndrome

Whether you have received a post-natal diagnosis or are pregnant with a pre-natal diagnosis, it can be a time filled with worries and uncertainties. We can help guide you through this time and offer information and support.  I’m Sarah, the breastfeeding coordinator at Positive about Down Syndrome. I’m also mother to a 5-year-old son who […]

Ep. 36: All things Mastitis with Olivia Hinge IBCLC

Our special guest on this episode of the boobingit podcast is Olivia Hinge IBCLC. Olivia is a midwife and lactation consultant from London who has built a lively and engaged social media community in the past few years. Olivia has helped thousands of families feel supported during their breastfeeding and infant feeding journey – whatever […]

Twitch streamer merges breastfeeding with ‘hot tub meta’ perfectly

By Ana Diaz LuxieGames, a 29-year-old Twitch streamer with a newborn child, has charmed the internet with a delightful but meaningful idea: When it will come time for her to breastfeed her infant, she has a plan to overlay her stream with an image that covers her from the neck down, and make it look like she’s sitting […]

Christmas Mastitis – It’s a thing 

Is there anything worse than being sick at Christmas? Rewind to 2018, my little girl Isobel was five months old. We were living in London and travelling back to Ireland for the Christmas holidays. We were looking forward to Isobel’s first Christmas at home. The night before Christmas Eve, I remember it so clearly, I […]

Vanessa Grimaldi opens up about her ‘breastfeeding journey’: ‘I was so naive’

By Julia Ranney Vanessa Grimaldi is getting real about her postpartum experience. Over the weekend, the 35-year-old “Bachelor” alum took to Instagram to open up about her “breastfeeding journey” with her 716,000 followers. In the post, the Canadian reality star shared a photo of her breastfeeding her seven month old son, Winston, alongside text that explained her newborn was having […]

Three Impressionist paintings that give an insight into the complicated history of breastfeeding in the 19th century

By Claire Moran The history of breastfeeding reveals uncomfortable truths about women, work and money. An unlikely place where the history of nursing is clearly visible is in Impressionist paintings. Although the art of Manet and his followers is best known for its sunny landscapes and scenes of Parisian leisure, many of these paintings tell […]

Maternity hospital consultant uses artwork to challenge ‘judgement’ of breastfeeding mothers

A leading maternity hospital consultant is gearing up for his biggest art exhibition – during which he aims to confront society’s “judgement” of how Irish mothers feed their babies. Afif El-Khuffash (44) has swapped his stethoscope for a paintbrush ahead of the exhibition. The neonatologist and lactation consultant at the Rotunda Hospital is  using his […]

When breastfeeding gets tough, try these 6 things

Embarking on my breastfeeding journey with my daughter has been everything my heart, body, and soul could have ever imagined. I adore providing and nourishing my child physically and emotionally with milk that is made specifically for them. We are currently 15 months and counting breastfeeding and it’s a blessing in itself. Fortunately for me, […]

Ireland: A motion has been backed to improve breastfeeding education and restrict advertising of infant formula

In Ireland, The Green Party has brought a motion to the Seanad calling for improved education on breastfeeding along with advertising restrictions and other supports. On Wednesday 12 October the motion was introduced by Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly. She told the upper chamber that Ireland’s breastfeeding rates are among the lowest in the world. […]

Nursing positions for older babies and children

When I think about nursing older babies and children, I am filled with joy. For me, it is a feeling of nostalgia as my youngest daughter stopped nursing almost a year ago. My daughter was three years old and a few months and my fondest memories of nursing are during the toddler stages. This was […]

What to look out for when choosing a pregnancy bra

During pregnancy you’ll be in awe of how your body is changing in readiness for your new baby – and that includes changes to your breasts. It’s reassuring to know that changes to your breasts during pregnancy are perfectly normal. In fact, it’s these very changes that may have been the first tell-tale sign that […]

Win a Breastfeeding Bundle with Fraupow

How would you like to win a breastfeeding bundle, courtesy of Fraupow? Fraupow, creators of the award-winning wearable breast pump, are giving you the chance to win a breastfeeding bundle worth over £100! Hands-free pumping has revolutioned pumping for mothers around the world and now you could be in with a chance of having your […]

Lauren Toyota shares candid breastfeeding video on road trip: ‘Weird things moms do’

By Ellie Spina Lauren Toyota is getting real about the realities of motherhood. On Wednesday, the former “Much Music” reporter took to Instagram to share a hilarious and “painfully relatable” video about early motherhood. In the clip, the 39-year-old breastfed her five-month-old son by hovering over his car seat while on a family road trip. She paired the video with an […]

Meta bans breastfeeding clothing brand for indecent imagery

Sustainable breastfeeding clothing brand The BShirt have been permanently banned from advertising on the Meta platform. The brand were informed their images of women breastfeeding were “indecent content” and a ban by Meta ensued. Meta, the company which owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among other products and services, is used as a social media advertising […]

‘It wasn’t controversial’: Buffy Sainte-Marie opens up about breastfeeding her baby boy on Sesame Street in 1977, saying someone will always ‘sexualize it’ now

By Erica Tempesta Buffy Sainte-Marie opened up about her decision to breastfeed her baby boy on Sesame Street in 1977, saying the groundbreaking moment ‘wasn’t controversial.’  The Oscar-winning singer and Indigenous-rights activist played herself on the children’s series from 1976 to 1981. After the birth of her son, Dakota ‘Cody’ Starblanket Wolfchild, she suggested a breastfeeding segment to […]

Breastfeeding in a prison setting

Prison. It’s a predominantly male environment. So when I came to go back to work as a nurse within a prison setting, I was curious to what my colleagues reactions would be to me pumping. Returning to work and leaving your baby at home with family or with a care provider is gut-wrenching and I’d […]

Black Breastfeeding Week Special with Kiddada Green

Kiddada Green, co-founder of Black Breastfeeding Week, is my guest on the podcast this week. As the Founding Executive Director of Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, Kiddada has helped reduce racial inequities in breastfeeding support since 2007. As a thought leader and innovator, Kiddada has made huge strides in the area of breastfeeding support, and policy […]

Black Breastfeeding Week Special with Kiddada Green

Kiddada Green, the co-founder of Black Breastfeeding Week, is my guest on the podcast this week. Kiddada lives in Detroit, and also the Founding Executive Director of Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, which was first set up in 2007 to reduce racial inequities in breastfeeding support for black families. As a thought leader and innovator, Kiddada […]

Black Breastfeeding Week giveaway with The Dairy Fairy

We’re kicking off Black Breastfeeding Week in style – courtesy of The Dairy Fairy! They are giving you the chance to win $50 store credit to spend online! The Dairy Fairy designs ingenious intimates for mama’s milk. Their beautiful collection includes bras and bralettes that make nursing and handsfree pumping simple, elegant and functional and […]

What you need to know about breastfeeding after a c-section – from someone who has been through it twice

As if getting grips with breastfeeding isn’t hard enough, breastfeeding after a c-section is a whole new ball game. Barriers to breastfeeding after a c-section There can be so many more barriers to breastfeeding your baby post-section due to the medication involved and the process of birthing a baby with intervention. Both my children, Piper and […]

‘My life has a whole new meaning!’: Leigh-Anne Pinnock shares never-before-seen snaps in labour and breastfeeding as she celebrates her twins’ first birthday

By Geraint Llewellyn She welcomed her bundles of joy with fiancé Andre Gray exactly a year ago. And Leigh-Anne Pinnock celebrated the milestone on Tuesday by sharing a series of never-before-seen snaps to her Instagram grid. The Little Mix star, 30, who hasn’t revealed the names or genders of her twins, posted pictures from her labour as well as […]

Women in South Africa are exposed to marketing of commercial formula milk

South African researchers have just published an article in the Global Health Action journal entitled Exploring Women’s Exposure to Marketing of Commercial Formula Products: A Qualitative Marketing Study from Two Sites in South Africa. The research was conducted as part of a larger multi-country study examining the impact of marketing of breast-milk substitutes on infant […]

6 things I’ve learned in my first year of breastfeeding

As my Son’s first birthday quickly approaches I’ve been thinking about the journey we’ve been on together over the last year.  Compared to some, our breastfeeding journey has been relatively straightforward, though that’s not to say it hasn’t had its challenges. I wanted to share what I’d learned, and hopefully some words of wisdom for […]

boobingit goes live for World Breastfeeding Week 2022!

We are excited to announce that boobingit will be doing a series of Instagram Lives for World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August). Over the course of the week our founder Ruth will be speaking with a special guest every day. Our World Breastfeeding Week Lives are in association with Lola&Lykke – who will be giving you […]

One hour special with TV host Kate Quilton

In this one-hour special of the boobingit podcast I am joined by broadcaster, campaigner and mama of one Kate Quilton to talk all things breastfeeding. Many of you will know Kate as the host of tv shows, including Food Unwrapped and a whole host of food and health series for Channel 4. As a breastfeeding […]

‘Let’s leave the business of behaving like a baby to the babies’: Camilla Thurlow hits out at troll who called her ‘classless’ for breastfeeding her two-month-old daughter in a car

By ELMIRA TANATAROVA Camilla Thurlow has slammed a troll who called her ‘classless’ for breastfeeding her baby in her car as she opened up about parenting in a candid post on Thursday. The former Love Islander, 33, admitted she received criticism after posting a selfie as she fed her two-month old daughter Nora Bell. In a lengthy caption, […]