About boobingit

Boobingit is your online destination for all things breastfeeding. Founded in 2020 by a breastfeeding mama who wanted to create a single space for breastfeeding information, advice, and fun stuff! 

It’s for breastfeeders everywhere, no matter what stage of the journey you’re on – thinking about it, struggling with it, loving it…you get it. 

Boobingit is here to inform, inspire and empower you as you navigate your own unique breastfeeding journey. You’ll find up-to-the-minute breastfeeding information, motivational mama stories, and light-hearted updates too. Oh, and we’ve also got a cool merch shop to check out!

We’d love for you to join the boobingit community. Let’s all learn from one another and raise each other up. Afterall, we’re all just ‘boobingit’.

boobingit founder Ruth boobingit by the beach
Founder Ruth #boobingit by the beach

Boobingit definition 

[informal phrase]

– a person who is providing breastmilk to their child by whatever means necessary. They don’t have all the answers, they are taking each day as it comes and doing what feels right for them and their child. They want support, not judgment.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m still breastfeeding my daughter at 24 months old after all the challenges we faced, I’m totally #boobingit.”

“When you’ve just parked the car to go shopping but the baby won’t stop crying. #Boobingit in the car it is then!”

“Is there anything breastfeeding doesn’t fix? Grazed knee? Boob. Teething? Boob. Cold and cranky? Boob. #boobingit like a boss.

“Pump, feed, sleep, repeat. #boobingit”

If you’re #boobingit, tag us in your social posts.

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