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Breastfeeding during a heatwave can be challenging for both mother and baby High temperatures can lead to discomfort dehydration and increased fatigue The intense heat

Is my baby allergic to my milk The short answer is no babies aren 8217 t allergic to breastmilk itself However they can react to

By Kara Manke Human breast milk contains a unique blend of prebiotic sugars that are tricky to replicate in commercial infant formula New research shows

Breastfeeding is often described as a natural and beautiful way to nourish your baby but it can sometimes be accompanied by discomfort or pain While

At some stage on your breastfeeding journey you ll likely want to express milk for your baby and that s when it s useful to

This month saw lots of our favourite celebrities post positively about breastfeeding on their social media accounts Scroll to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made

Before I became a Lactation Consultant working in private practice I worked first in nurseries and then as a nanny in London supporting busy working

BY nbsp nbsp JONEL ALECCIA People with HIV can breastfeed their babies as long as they are taking medications that effectively suppress the virus that

By GMA Team Molly Baz nbsp is speaking out following controversy over a Times Square billboard featuring the pregnant cookbook author promoting lactation cookies The

What is cluster feeding Cluster feeding is a normal part of a breastfeeding journey it is a time when babies frequently feed They often feed

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