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Pregnancy + Birth

When your pregnant your mind and body are going through so many changes. It's the ideal time to start thinking about your birth and breastfeeding plans. You've heard of the saying 'fail to prepare and prepare to fail' well there may well be some truth in it when it comes to breastfeeding success! Preparing to breastfeed will be the best gift you can give yourself and your baby.

And we don't just mean buying a few nursing bras or investing in the latest breast pump! We believe getting in the right mindset is 90% of the prep you need to have a positive breastfeeding experience. The other 10% is to do with all the 'nice' breastfeeding stuff you may want to buy! Having a positive mental attitude towards breastfeeding and feeling confident that your body will do its job is very empowering. Having some insights and knowledge on breastfeeding will set you up in the best way possible - this is the start of your breastfeeding journey!

The right preparation and mindset can help you overcome even the most difficult of challenges or hardest of days. You only have some of our Mama Stories on breastfeeding to realise how many of them had wished they'd done more preparation before their baby arrived. Many of them didn't have the awareness or knowledge to breastfeed with confidence. They thought preparing to breastfeed wasn't necessary, and that mother-nature would show them the way.

To help get you to understand more about breastfeeding and get you in the right frame of mind, we have a whole host of articles and resources to help inform and guide you.

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