Ep. 26: In conversation with Holistic Sleep Coach Lyndsey Hookway

In this episode, I speak with International Speaker, IBCLC, and Holistic Sleep Coach Lyndsey Hookway. Lyndsey is the author of several publications as well as three books, including ‘Let’s Talk About Your New Family’s Sleep.’

Many parents turn to Lyndsey for her evidence-based, gentle, and respectful information on all things relating to infant sleep and breastfeeding.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, starting with responsive parenting and what it really means. Lyndsey offers up some great tips on how we can learn to respond to our baby’s cues and unique needs – acknowledging the fact that this isn’t something that necessarily comes easily to us.

During our conversation, we also discuss cosleeping and bedsharing, and the differences between the two. We look at the realities of how bedsharing can actually make breastfeeding more sustainable and manageable for many people. Lyndsey also gives some really great advice for parents dealing with sleep deprivation.

“We could talk to the cows come home about how parenting is instinctive and intuitive but it’s not completely true. It’s actually learned behaviour and we learn it through social modelling. But unfortunately we’ve lost lots of community wisdom over the years – especially during the pandemic.”

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