Ep. 44: How to recognise low milk supply

Alice Lucken IBCLC

Infant feeding specialist Alice Lucken joins us to talk about how to recognise low milk supply. As an IBCLC Alice supports families with unsettled babies and infant feeding challenges.

In this episode on low milk supply Alice talks us through the common causes for low milk supply, the signs to look out for and ways in which you can help boost your milk supply for the successful continuation of breastfeeding.

Alice also addresses the common misconceptions around milk supply and the damage that can be caused when we have ‘perceived low milk supply’.

Alice Lucken IBCLC - how to recognise low milk supply

What often happens is what we call a ‘perceived milk supply’. As a mum you think you don’t have enough milk. You think some of the behaviours your baby is displaying could mean you don’t have milk – for example baby’s who are fussing or who are feeding frequently.”

Alice Lucken, IBCLC

During our conversation we also touch on breastfeeding myths around size of breasts and milk supply, as well as the controversial topic of consuming lactation cookies and teas to increase milk supply. Alice helpfully explains the steps we can take to encourage and protect your milk supply – as well as top tips for boosting your milk supply if needed.

Listen to the episode now

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