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Im Ebonie a 38 year old mum of 2 boys both of whom I’ve breastfed and still feeding my 15 month old. I work as a health visitor and am a registered paediatric nurse too, Im passionate about breastfeeding and supporting other women to succeed at breastfeeding.
Along with my friend Laura, we run the @gentlehealthvisitors Instagram

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Articles by Ebonie Chandraraj

What is extended breastfeeding Here in the UK we class extended breastfeeding as continuing to nurse past a year of age nbsp The World Health

What is jaundice Lots of babies will appear jaundice in the early days after birth 8211 in fact 60 80 of all newborns will have

As a paediatric nurse and health visitor I always wanted to breastfeed but it was a long journey to having my first child I was

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