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Breastfeeding Past Infancy

Breastfeeding Past Infancy

Breastfeeding isn’t just for little babies, ya know?! Whilst many mamas stop breastfeeding after six months or after their baby turns one, there are still many more that continue to breastfeed well after babyhood.

Toddler, pre-schoolers and older children can all benefit from breastfeeding and we look at why this is and why we should celebrate breastfeeding longterm.

Before I became a Lactation Consultant working in private practice I worked first in nurseries and then as a nanny in London supporting busy working

Nursing a toddler can be a joyous and wonderful experience and often even feel like a superpower because you have a reliable go to way

So much time and effort goes into learning to breastfeed that when the journey finally comes to an end it can leave us feeling a

During pregnancy and new parenthood there is a lot of talk around starting breastfeeding The challenges and obstacles you can face when you begin to

The reasons why a parent may stop nursing their child varies and can range from nursing aversion incompatible medical treatments a desire to wean led

I consider myself fortunate to not have felt touched out at all for the first 18 months or so of my son s life In

As a breastfeeding counsellor supporting the National Breastfeeding Helpline I am well versed in the topic of weaning In fact it is my favourite one

When I think about nursing older babies and children I am filled with joy For me it is a feeling of nostalgia as my youngest

In this one hour special of the boobingit podcast I am joined by broadcaster campaigner and mama of one Kate Quilton to talk all things

By Wyatte Grantham Philips The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its guidance on breastfeeding extending the recommended time for parents to breastfeed their children

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