Rock n Roll lovin graphic designer. Tolkien nut, comic book geek and movie nerd.

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Services Phill Offers
Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
A breastfeeding peer supporter is a trained volunteer who provides practical guidance and emotional support to breastfeeding mothers, drawing on personal experience and knowledge. They typically work alongside healthcare professionals to promote and assist with breastfeeding in their community.
An osteopath is a healthcare professional who treats musculoskeletal issues through manual therapy, focusing on the body's structure and function. They use techniques like stretching, massaging, and manipulating muscles and joints to improve mobility and alleviate pain.
Food for good mood and happiness.
A nutritionist is an expert in food and nutrition who advises individuals on how to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle. They assess clients' dietary needs and develop personalised nutrition plans to promote health, manage diseases, and achieve specific wellness goals.

Articles by Phill

March has been an exceptionally busy month and one full of freshness and hope It 8217 s the month we welcomed Spring time and also

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