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Ah sleep, that thing we took for granted pre-kids. When lie-ins and uninterrupted nights of sleep were something that just happened. We didn’t really think about sleep because we actually got some!

Now, as parents, the topic of sleep is front and centre of our mind (number two is nappy output, right?). We wonder when we’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again and if breastfeeding and sleeping are actually compatible? We worry when our babies sleep too little or if they sleep too much. We become obsessed with naptimes and dream of the day our little one will sleep through the night. We dread being asked the question ‘is the baby a good sleeper?’ because it makes us feel like an inadequate parent. And throughout all of this we have a strange desire to know if other parents are getting more or less sleep than we are.

Goodness, all this talk of sleep would make anyone exhausted! Luckily, we’re here to help you keep your sanity. Whether you want to discover ways to improve your baby’s sleep or get tips on breastfeeding and sleeping, we’re here to help inform you. We want to help you figure out how your whole family can sleep better, and be happier for it. After all, sleeping is an important aspect of both children’s and adults’ health and development, and healthy sleep habits is something we should all aim for. Check out our range of resources from our infant sleep specialists – you’ll not regret it.

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I remember reading blogs books and posts one after the other desperately searching for a way to make my son sleep a without being nursed

There is a notion that breastfeeding and positive sleep are incompatible Social Media is presenting more and more opinions that suggest that parents have to

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I love my job as a Paediatric Sleep Specialist It is an honour to meet new families and be able to support them in maximising

Sleep is important at all ages and by following some simple advice and tips you can help your baby develop healthy sleep habits A big

Ah sleep that thing we took for granted pre kids When lie ins and uninterrupted nights of sleep were something that just happened We didn

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