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Petrina O’Halloran

Petrina O’Halloran

We 8217 re kicking off the 2024 series of the boobingit podcast looking at how we can create a breastfeeding legacy Our special guest is

Over the years breastfeeding rates decreased as infant formula became more widely promoted and marketed around the world As the decades crept by we saw

I meet mums all the time that tell me about their breastfeeding story and why it might have prematurely ended The majority of the time

At an event last year I met a mum who knew about my business and of course we got chatting about all things breastfeeding During

Have you ever wondered why as a new mum you get so much unsolicited advice for anyone who cares to share From don t be

Is there anything worse than being sick at Christmas Rewind to 2018 my little girl Isobel was five months old We were living in London

A recent poll by Mama s Boobie Box highlighted that 57 of Irish mums were the first to breastfeed in their family meaning their mother

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