Ashley Graham shares selfie breastfeeding twins: ‘Tired. but we’re here’

Ashley Graham wearing black hat

By Tayler Adigun

Ashley Graham is on mom duty times two in her latest Instagram post.

The model shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her twin boys, Malachi and Roman, on Instagram on Friday, captioning the tandem feeding photo: “Tired. but we’re here.”

Graham sports a seemingly bare face in the photo with her hair piled on top of her head while feeding her sons.

Fellow moms and fans flooded Graham’s comments with messages of support and admiration for the double feed.

“Same, sis. Same! 😂 But you with TWO? I’m just in awe,” wrote Elaine Welteroth.

“The best part of life,” shared a fan.

Other users praised the tandem feeding technique in the comments.

“Perfect example of an amazing latch!! You are so inspiring,” wrote one fan.

“I need to know how they are secure while feeding. This looks so dope,” shared another.

The 34-year-old mom of three has been very open about her breastfeeding journey on Instagram, previously sharing a “double-fisting” photo of her feeding her twin boys in May.

“Double fisting … (peep the whacky tan lines),” she captioned the photo.

Users found the candid mommy moment relatable.

“I remember the squeeze! My daughter was all about the squeeze,” typed one fan.

“Yup that was my momma too… #twin life,” shared another.

Graham welcomed her twin boys with her husband, Justin Ervin, in January 2022.

“been off the gram. here are two big reasons,” she captioned the twins’s faceless Instagram reveal in February.

The two also share a 2-year-old son named Isaac.

In a recent op-ed for Glamour, the 34-year-old opened up about the traumatic birth of her twins. “The night I gave birth to the twins, I hemorrhaged,” she wrote, revealing that she lost consciousness.

“When I finally came to, I looked around and I saw everybody. They just kept saying to me, ‘You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine.’ They didn’t want to tell me, right then, that I’d lost liters of blood,” she continued. “They didn’t want to tell me that one of the midwives had to flip me over, press her finger down right above my vagina bone to try and stop the bleeding. And they didn’t want to tell me that the vein in my arm kept collapsing and they couldn’t get the needle in for the Pitocin, so they’d had to put it in my hand. But even though they didn’t want to go into the details at that moment, I looked around the room, saw blood literally everywhere, and let out this deep, visceral cry—an emotional release from the chaos I had just experienced.”

The body positive advocate went on to say, “I am the person who has been shouting from the rooftops to you all, ‘Love the skin you’re in.’ Yet for me, the births of all my three children threw a lot of that out of the window.”

This article was first published here. You can read the original article in full here.

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