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Passionate about lactation, children and mental health.

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Mother and baby sleeping
Sleep Consultant
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A Sleep Consultant is a trained professional who provides personalized advice and strategies to help parents and caregivers improve their child's sleep patterns. They offer support on issues such as bedtime routines, night wakings, and creating a sleep-friendly environment, with the goal of ensuring better rest for both the child and the family.

Articles by Millie Copeman

I wanted to share my experience of why and how I became involved in supporting others with their personal nursing goals nbsp It all began

The reasons why a parent may stop nursing their child varies and can range from nursing aversion incompatible medical treatments a desire to wean led

As a breastfeeding counsellor supporting the National Breastfeeding Helpline I am well versed in the topic of weaning In fact it is my favourite one

When I think about nursing older babies and children I am filled with joy For me it is a feeling of nostalgia as my youngest

There are a variety of positions that you can try when feeding your baby at the breast or chest You can stick to the same

It is certainly possible to breastfeed after a caesarean birth however there can sometimes be challenges to overcome 8211 especially in the beginning After a

Before I share with you the benefits of laid back nursing it is important to be aware that as long as you and your child

Oversupply equates to having an abundance of milk If you have an oversupply of milk you are producing more than your baby currently requires Your

Christmas is nearly upon us and hopefully this year it may look a little different You may be planning to spend time with your family

Towards the latter part of your pregnancy you may choose to hand express some of your breastmilk The breastmilk at this stage is called colostrum

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