Best Amazon gifts for a mama-to-be and new baby

Baby shower party

Whether you’re getting ready to welcome your own bundle of joy, or you know someone who is expecting a baby, we have some fantastic mama-to-be and baby gift ideas for you. From self-care gifts for expectant mamas to adorable baby keepsakes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you the best buys and help take the hassle out of shopping for you.

Best mama-to-be gifts

When it comes to the imminent arrival of a new baby, a lot of people rush to buy a baby present, but what about getting a gift for the mama-to-be instead of or as well as? They deserve some much-needed TLC. Here are some great gifts to treat a mama-to-be.

mama-to-be gift hamper

Best baby shower gifts

Baby showers show no sign of going out of fashion so we want to make sure you have some great ideas for what to bring with you as a gift. A safe bet is something like a baby hampers as it has the ‘wow’ factor. You can even create your own hamper and customise it with your ‘must have’ items.

baby shower gift

Best baby milestone gifts

There are countless baby milestone gifts to choose from these days – from baby milestone cards to baby milestone blankets. These sorts of gifts remind new parents to celebrate the little and big milestones in their baby’s life – what’s not to love about that?

baby milestone cards

Best baby keepsakes

If you want to give a new parent a gift that lasts a lifetime then make it a baby keepsake gift. From baby’s first bangle to hand and footprint set, these are the sorts of gifts that are treasured for generations.

Winnie the Pooh keepsake box

Best baby care gifts

Baby care gifts can be a really useful and practical gift to give new parents. If they are first-time parents, they’ll definitely appreciate these sorts of gifts – as often it’s not something they’ve thought to buy themselves. Baby care items can include low-cost items like babygrows to higher-cost items such as baby carriers and baby monitors.

baby care set - yellow

Best baby toys

There’s nothing more fun than buying a toy for a new baby to enjoy. Whether it’s a musical toy or an interactive toy, babies can enjoy playtime in so many different ways.

wooden baby toy gift

Best breastfeeding gifts

If you know an expectant or new mama wants to breastfeed, then here are some really thoughtful breastfeeding-related gifts that will help them through those first few days, weeks and months. From a nursing pillow (which can often have a multi-purpose use) to reusable nursing pads, we have you covered! And don’t forget to add our ‘Breastfeeding for Beginners’ ebook into your basket – it’s everything you need to get breastfeeding off to the best possible start.

pink breastfeeding pillow

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