These mamas breastfed at the pumpkin patch…and it made for the cutest photos

Breastfeeding at the pumpkin patch

It’s Halloween and you’ve planned a fun-filled day out at the pumpkin patch with your family. You’ll be taking lots of cute photos with your little one…and if the opportunity arises, why not snap a picture of you breastfeeding amongst the pumpkins?!

The great thing about breastfeeding is you can feed your baby anytime, anywhere – pumpkin patch or not! We all know days out in the fresh air are wonderful but they can also make little ones tired and hungry too. The outcome is that we may need to feed them more than usual.

How fantastic that these mamas were able to meet the needs of their little ones whilst also securing a picture-perfect breastfeeding setting!

“Pumpkin spice breast milk lattes on tap”

It’s the season for pumpkin spice lattes, and it’s only fair babies can enjoy their own version of this autumnal drink! How cool are these vibrant photos from Sierra Spicer-Spencer and Jasmine Amelia at their local pumpkin patch? We love them.

“When the pumpkin patch tires you out, make a quick tit spot”

There’s no doubt about it, hunting for the perfect pumpkin to carve is hard work…for mama and baby! A quick tit spot is most definitely needed for Delilah Juarez and April Robson. And if you find the right pumpkin, they can make a great seat whilst you nurse!

“People are going to stare, you might as well give ’em pumpkin to look at”

We love Ashley Vandenburg‘s fearless style. She’s been a breastfeeding mama for many years and confidently breastfeeds in public. She’s used the pumpkin patch as a great opportunity to grab some tongue-in-cheek family photos, aswell as a beautiful breastfeeding portrait with her youngest nursling. Take a leaf out of Ashley’s book, and plan for a breastfeeding photoshoot in the pumpkin patch so you have some photos to cherish forever.
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