Photo of Coleen Garcia breastfeeding on paddleboard earns praise for normalizing breastfeeding

Coleen Garcia took to Instagram to post a photo of herself breastfeeding her son Amari on a paddleboard while on vacation and earned praise from fans and netizens for normalizing breastfeeding.

The actress is on vacation with husband Billy Crawford and their nearly 2-year-old son in tow in Panglao, Bohol.

“It was my first time on the paddle board, and I was finally having some nice alone time, until the little guy spotted me while he was playing in the water. It was nice while it lasted,” Garcia wrote with the hashtags #strikeanywhere #asinanywhere.

The image was met with positive reactions by fans who could relate to the unique struggles of breastfeeding.

“The beauty of breastfeeding,” one user wrote. “Snacks anytime, anywhere.”

“OMG it’s so hard and makes your back sore, you’re a super mom,” one fan commented.

“You’re not alone, momma. We also do it anytime and anywhere,” another breastfeeding mother said.

Others praised the actress for not being finicky about where she breastfeeds her son. “Walang ka-arte arte (No fuss at all). Kudos,” another follower said.

“I feel you Coleen. Salute to all the moms out there, breastfeeding is still best for baby,” one said.

“Your photo looks like a poster. Support breastfeeding!” One comment read.

“It’s not shameful to breastfeed your child no matter where you are. If they get hungry, can you stand not feeding them? What do others who stare care? Only perverts would get a hard-on from someone breastfeeding,” one user said.

Garcia has opened up in the past about her breastfeeding journey as a first-time mother to her son.

During World Breastfeeding Week, the actress wrote on Instagram, “Breastfeeding has been a huge part of our journey. We started with Amari having the hardest time latching, and me crying often out of frustration and discomfort. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but hey they’re totally right when they say it gets better! I used to hate it, but I kept pushing on cause I was determined to see it through.”

“Now, I love this part of our relationship so much, and I see it as such an honor and a blessing. I get the best view in the world when he looks me in the eyes, especially when he decides to smile or laugh, or blow milk all over our faces. It makes me laugh, too, when he tries to eat his foot at the same time, or when half of his body stands and starts bouncing while feeding in bed, and even when he stops mid-feed to stare at my nipple and pinch it. I wouldn’t trade this for anything, even though he has five painful teeth.”

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