Ferne McCann declares “breastfeeding is not easy but it’s beautiful”

Ferne McCann breastfeeding baby Finty December 2023

Reality star and business woman Ferne McCann has been open and honest about her breastfeeding journey with baby girl Finty since she was born earlier this year.

Now in her latest post to social media Ferne McCann, who found fame on the reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, has declared “breastfeeding is not easy but it’s beautiful”. This powerful message went alongside a photo of Ferne breastfeeding Finty whilst standing up and dressed head to toe in a glamourous all-black outfit.

Breastfeeding is a full time job, says Ferne McCann

In her social media post Ferne goes on to explain what exactly she means by saying “breastfeeding is not easy but it’s beautiful”. She writes: There are moments I feel like throwing in the towel & giving up AND moments where I’ve never felt more love like this in my life…Breastfeeding is a full time job but I am her food, her comfort & her home.”

Ferne ends her latest Instagram post on breastfeeding by saying: “Yes breastfeeding is exhausting but oh my it’s so beautiful. The bond you have with your baby outways all of the negatives. It’s empowering, fulfilling & fills me with a lot of love, connection & resilience. Not to mention the convenience and unbelievable nutrition.”


It’s clear Ferne’s honest post on breastfeeding has resonated with other breastfeeding mothers. “Couldn’t have put it any better Ferne 👏it’s worth every sleepless night, the bond with your baby is nothing you could ever put into words. Xx” commented demileighsalmon.

Another follower ronzalini added: “You are describing my feelings at the moment in this breastfeeding journey. Thank you. And you are doing amazing”.

Ferne McCann breastfeeds on TV

This isn’t the first time Ferne has shared her opinion on breastfeeding. She has previously posted photos of her breastfeeding on holiday and behind the scenes on a photoshoot. She has admitted how “grateful” and “lucky” she feels to be able to breastfeed.

Ferne has been praised by many for helping normalise breastfeeding on TV and social media. Back in October 2023 Ferne appeared on the daytime show ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ extolling the benefits of breast milk as she herself breastfed Finty live on TV.

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