Try before you buy with the new breastfeeding rental scheme

Clothing rental has grown in popularity over the last few years, with more and more brands offering this service to discerning shoppers. Renting clothes can be a fun and cost-effective way to shop and try out new clothes whilst also cutting down on clothing manufacturing and consumption.

Shopping more sustainably and saving money is at the forefront of people’s minds. This is especially true for young families who are more aware than ever of their environmental footprint and the rising costs of raising a family. Renting clothing is a great way to minimise consumption and keep costs down. It allows you to ‘try before you buy’, and now new mothers can avail of a fashion rental scheme tailored to their breastfeeding needs.

A fashion rental scheme for breastfeeding mothers

As a sustainable fashion maternity brand, The Bshirt knew that opening a rental portal was the next logical step for them and their customers. They understand the pressure parents are under to purchase clothing and products outright – but often it’s hit or miss as to whether they get used time and time again. It can all feel a bit overwhelming, and demotivating – not to mention expensive. 

In an effort to cut down on costs and consumption of clothing for new parents, The Bshirt set up a rental scheme dedicated to breastfeeding mothers. 

Helping cut down costs and consumption for new parents

The Bshirt has just introduced its new rental portal to offer breastfeeding mothers the chance to pay as you go for items and shop more sustainably. Their breastfeeding-friendly tops and dresses are loved by parents worldwide, with many wearing their items for two years plus! However, The Bshirt also wanted to cater to those new parents whose finances are stretched or who are unsure of how long they’ll breastfeed. 

By offering a flexible breastfeeding rental option, parents can choose to return or keep items depending on their circumstances. It eases the financial burden that can come with buying clothing out-right.

“Whether it’s for your summer holiday and you want a Bshirt Tshirt for just a few weeks, or it’s your first time breastfeeding and you need to see how you get on before you make a purchase – our flexible rental portal allows you to pay as you go.”

Lisa | The Bshirt founder

How does the breastfeeding rental work?

The Bshirt rental

The Bshirt rental portal allows you to pick out breastfeeding tops and rent each item for up to four months using pay-as-you-go. This means that you have the right clothes, in the right size, at the right time – without wasting money and without having lots of clothes piled up that you can no longer use.

Choose from nursing vests, t-shirts and long-sleeved tops in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your breastfeeding needs. Each top gives you the freedom and flexibility to breastfeed anytime, anywhere, whether at home or in public.

Once you receive your clothes from The Bshirt, you can wear them as much as you wish. When you decide you’re finished with your Bshirt you can simply send it back before your next payment is due and your rental will be ended.

If you want to continue to use and wear your Bshirt past the four months rental then there is nothing more you need to do. Once your final payment is taken the top is yours and you can keep it.

Reducing clothing waste one item at a time

The Bshirt rental portal

The sad truth is clothing waste is the second biggest pollution problem (second only to plastic). As a circular fashion brand, The Bshirt is doing all it can to sell responsibly and help people shop more sustainably. 

As more people reject fast fashion and embrace clothing rentals, the hope is that there is a radical reduction in clothing waste and a big improvement in people’s long-term buying habits. 

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