9 ways babywearing could save your sanity as a new mama

benefits of babywearing

Babywearing is the simple act of carrying your baby or young child in a sling-like piece of cloth or carrier.

Perhaps you’ve seen the occasional parent out and about with their baby in a sling and thought it looks lovely but you’re not quite sure how it could fit in with your family and lifestyle? Maybe you’re at your wits end with a fussy or clingy baby who just won’t be put down and people have suggested the wonders of babywearing? 

The fact is babywearing has been going on from the dawn of time. Parents wrapped their babies to them in cloths and went about their business. There was no such thing as prams or fancy baby seats. And now, with the rise in attachment/gentle parenting, we are seeing a resurgence in babywearing after decades of people turning their backs on it. 

Parents are once again seeing the benefits of babywearing in their day-to-day lives. It’s a way to keep their children close and promote bonding, whilst also being a very practical and convenient parenting tool! And with their rising popularity, baby slings and wraps are becoming more fun and stylish than ever before, with award-winning Tag Togs leading the way.

Let’s look at 9 ways in which babywearing could save your sanity as a new mama.

1. Gives you and your baby a feeling of security & attachment

The fourth trimester can be a big adjustment for you and your newborn. You may be experiencing lots of different emotions following the birth and your baby will likely be craving the closeness they had to you whilst in the womb. 

By babywearing you can retain that closeness you had during pregnancy. Baby will be transported back to when they were in the womb and snuggled up close to you. Meanwhile, babywearing can really help you create and foster a bond with your baby, whilst also feeling a sense of independence.

2. You can enjoy being hands-free again

Do you find your baby is only content and happy when they are on you? It’s wonderful but at the same time you are itching to stand up and get things done. Perhaps you have other kids to look after, errands to run or work that needs doing. 

By wearing your baby in a sling they instantly get that closeness and comfort from you and you get your hands and arms back! Think of all the things you can do – cook, clean, grab a coffee or go for a much-needed walk!

3. Helps keep your baby calm and can promote sleep

If your baby is fussing or resisting sleep, try popping them in a baby sling or wrap. They might instantly relax and fall asleep faster than you can imagine. Babywearing can be particularly helpful for babies who are struggling with reflux and prefer to be upright.

Being close to you and hearing your heartbeat instantly soothes and relaxes babies, allowing them to fall asleep quickly. Soon, you may find yourself reaching for your baby sling during naptimes or to get through the  tricky ‘witching hour’ in the evenings. 

4. Cheaper than a pram and takes up less room in the car!

You may be unable to fathom life without a pram or stroller but it is possible! In fact, many parents forgo the pram entirely when they have baby no. 2 or no. 3. Not only do they save a lot of money but they save on space too. 

As well as many babies preferring a sling, family life gets a bit easier when you don’t have to put a pram up and down and when you can be handsfree all the time. If you’ll miss the storage capacity of a pram, remember you can use backpack for your essentials. And think of all that extra space you’ll have in your car without a pram!

5. It can make you feel more confident in your body

After having a baby many new mamas take time to adjust to their postpartum body. It feels and looks unfamiliar and it can be hard to get clothes that fit well. Something which can help provide body confidence is babywearing. 

Having your baby close to you in an attractive sling or wrap can make you feel good as a parent and it can stop you from focusing too much on how your body looks. A sling can almost act as a protective barrier against the world!

6. Stops people from being too ‘hands-on’ with your baby

We know that babies can be vulnerable to picking up germs and viruses. Babywearing can give us an element of control over what our baby is exposed to when out and about in busy places. 

People are less likely to touch your baby if they are snuggled against you in a sling. Babywearing is even handy at family gatherings, such as Christmas and birthday parties, when you don’t want your baby passed from aunt to uncle to cousin over the course of the day! 

7. It can motivate you to get up and exercise

Babywearing can be a great excuse to get up and move your body. No longer do you have to be trapped under a sleeping baby or held ransom to naptimes. Simply get the sling out, go for a walk or do some gentle exercise at home which is baby-wearing compatible. 

As you get stronger and your baby gets bigger, you may be surprised at all you can do whilst babywearing. Long walks and hikes can stimulate the senses and be an enjoyable experience for you both. Getting fresh air and moving with your baby can benefit both your physical and mental health.

8. You can learn to breastfeed in a sling

Once you have established breastfeeding and are feeling confident with feeding your baby, you may like to try feeding your baby in a sling. This can be a game-changer for lots of people – particularly those with older children who also need attention, or for anyone that enjoys being out and about. 

Using a sling to support your child whilst they feed can help you responsively meet the needs of your child whilst giving a massive boost to your feeding journey. To help you feed safely and securely, read this instructional guide to feeding your baby in a sling.

9. It can make you feel like super-mama!

babywearing benefits

Babywearing can be such a useful parenting tool for calming and connecting with your child. It provides a closeness whilst also allowing you to retain a sense of independence and ability to do other things around the house or outside of the home.

The empowering benefits of babywearing will soon have you wondering how you could manage life without it! It may become such an essential and integral part of your motherhood journey – giving you a sense of belonging and peace, and a feeling that you can do anything!

Visit Tag Togs now to explore their range of award-winning ergonomic baby slings and wraps in a variety of designs.

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