How to safely feed in a sling or carrier

how to feed baby in a sling

Using a sling or carrier to support your child whilst they feed from your body can give a massive boost to your feeding journey, when it is done safely.

You can use any ergonomic sling or carrier to feed your child from your body and from a bottle, SNS or tube, and in pretty much any position. I recommend finding your local sling library or carrying consultant so they can specifically teach you what you need.

Step-by-step guide to safely feeding in a sling

In this article I will be demonstrating how to use a stretchy wrap to breast/chest feed a baby in a cross cradle position.

how to feed baby in a sling

2. Decide which side of your body you are feeding from, for cross cradle you want the same nipple for same shoulder.

3. Slip the arm of the side you are feeding from out of the top of your stretchy wrap.

sling demo

4. Supporting your baby’s bottom, gently bring them up to your shoulder and pull the fabric off their legs.

5. Guide both of their legs through the one remaining pass and spread the fabric from their knees up to their neck.

safe feeding in a sling

6. Supporting their head and bottom, gently swing them down into position in front of your nipple.

how to safely feed in a sling

7. Safety checks: knees must be higher than their bum, tummy should be turned to you, they should have one uncovered hand on each side of the nipple, their head must be uncovered and you will need one hand to support their head as they feed.

Watch this video demo

Remember: Never use the fabric of your sling or carrier to cover their head whilst feeding as this can lead to suffocation.

Some people love feeding their child in a sling or carrier, some people really don’t – and that’s ok!  You do what works for your family, and ask for help if it’s not comfortable.  A good sling or carrier won’t hurt your back.

Lysanne | MotherRucker

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