Ashley Graham is back on the runway but this time she’s pumping milk backstage too


Ashley Graham gives us a glimpse into what it’s really like to be a model mama who breastfeeds!

She gave birth to her son Isaac in January 2020 and since then Ashley Graham’s Instagram account has been full of breastfeeding pictures. She regularly shows herself feeding her son or expressing milk for him. Due to Covid-19 Ashley has been able to spend a lot of time at home bonding with her tot and husband of ten years Justin.

Milan Fashion Week

Now after a prolonged break from the runway, Ashley’s made a triumphant return to the catwalk. She modeled several glamorous looks for Fendi at Milan Fashion Week. Whilst looking absolutely gorgeous in different gowns, it’s her backstage antics we were really interested in!

Her backstage videos show her getting glammed up in hair and makeup whilst pumping breast milk for her son. She can be seen smiling and saying, “Hair did, getting make-up done and pumping.” It’s clear Ashley wasn’t going to let pumping get in the way of her catwalk return!

Keeping it real

Away from the runway, Ashley doesn’t take herself too seriously. She regularly keeps her 11 million Instagram followers entertained with her life as a busy working mama and wife. Alongside her stunning modeling pictures she often shares family pics of her son Isaac and husband Justin. She’s often ‘keeping it real’ and giving her followers an insight into life as a breastfeeding mama!

A big promoter of body positivity, Ashley uses the hashtag #BeautyBeyondSize to connect and inspire her followers. She is all about celebrating her figure and learning to accept her post-pregnancy shape. And since becoming a mama, she’s also become a breastfeeding advocate and champion thanks to her openness on Instagram. Her latest Instagram posts had people commenting: “I love that you are pumping on the job. Keep up the good work,” and, “Thank you for normalising breastfeeding”.
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