Fearne Cotton mortified after she’s introduced to legend Slash – while breastfeeding

Fearne Cotton breastfeeding

By Ashleigh Rainbird

Over the years, The Rolling Stones and Guns ‘N’ Roses have seen plenty of women expose their breasts in front of them…

But that’s no comfort to Fearne Cotton, who was left mortified when father-in-law Ronnie Wood introduced her to Slash while she was breastfeeding.

“My big, milky tits,” she groans. “In front of Slash.”

The radio star, who has been married to Ronnie’s son Jesse since 2014, took the couple’s son Rex to LA to see his grandad in action on stage when he was just eight weeks old.

“I was breastfeeding Rex by the pool, when all of a sudden Jesse’s dad comes downstairs,” recalls Fearne, 40.

“I remember he was wearing a turquoise shirt, turquoise shorts and turquoise trainers – it was quite an image.

“He’d brought along Slash to the pool.

“I was like…. ‘Hi!’ All hanging out, breastfeeding a baby.”


Fearne, mum to Rex, eight, and Honey, six, had interviewed Slash in 2010 for a Radio 1 broadcast, but given the circumstances, felt it best not to remind him…

She admits: “I had met him before, but I was too embarrassed to say: ‘This breastfeeding lump once interviewed you at Radio 1.’ So I just bypassed that and was like: ‘Nice to meet you.’”

Chatting to Alan Carr on his Life’s a Beach podcast in a new episode out today, (MUST) she laughs: “I miss those big, milky tits – they were so big and juicy and they’ve gone. They’re just deflated now.”

This article was first published here. You can read the original article here.

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