Lauren Toyota shares candid breastfeeding video on road trip: ‘Weird things moms do’

Lauren Toyota breastfeeding

By Ellie Spina

Lauren Toyota is getting real about the realities of motherhood.

On Wednesday, the former “Much Music” reporter took to Instagram to share a hilarious and “painfully relatable” video about early motherhood.

In the clip, the 39-year-old breastfed her five-month-old son by hovering over his car seat while on a family road trip.

She paired the video with an honest caption about the “awkward” moments of parenting.

“Anyone find themselves in this awkward position from time to time?” she wrote to her 88,000 followers. “We’re road tripping down the 101, so I will be hovering over the baby’s car seat while the car is in motion with my boobs out, plenty. Thank you very much.”

“Weird things moms do,” she added as on-screen text.
Lauren Toyto breastfeeding video via Instagram

In the comments, fans thanked Toyota for always “keeping it real” when it comes to motherhood.

“Not weird at all. We do what works!” a follower pointed out, while another commented, “I thought I was the only crazy mama to do that!”

“Yup! I’ve totally done this many times,” a fan shared. “It makes your back and neck ache after a while, but a happy baby is worth it!”

“Lmao this is clutch mom info. I was wondering how this happens,” someone else chimed in.

An Instagram user added: “I’ve done this plenty of times!”

“Painfully relatable,” commented another.

“Thank you for always keeping it real. This is hilarious, but also, a very helpful tip! Hahah, I love it,” another fan wrote.

This isn’t the first time the cookbook author has opened up about the obscure aspects of being a mom.

Since welcoming her son in April with husband Mike Cammidge, the Canadian TV personality has spoke about the parts of motherhood that aren’t always discussed on social media — like nose-picking.

In July, she shared a video of herself “digging for gold” in her son’s nose, using a nasal-clearing gadget for infants.

“Digging for gold, clearing bats in the cave — whatever you call it, I’m weirdly obsessed,” she penned.

This article was first published here. You can read the original article in full here.

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