My baby latched straight away but I had no milk

my baby latched straight way but there was no colostrum

I suffered badly with sickness throughout my pregnancy, and then my daughter ended-up being born via a semi-emergency c-section. Even before I gave birth I was worried I wouldn’t be able to feed my daughter myself. I had tried to express colostrum at the end of my pregnancy but I had nothing. When she was born she latched straight away, but I had no colostrum milk. I was so concerned and ended up having to give her formula in the beginning. This is my pregnancy and breastfeeding story.

I had hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy

I had a rough pregnancy, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration). I was constantly sick and throwing up. There were endless trips to the hospital to be put on a drip for dehyrdation. Rather than put on weight during pregnancy, I lost it!

My sickness was so bad I took four months off work. With the help of medication I managed to get back to work, but I was only back a matter of weeks when I was furloughed due to the Covid pandemic.

My sickness was so bad I took four months off work.


My daughter was born early via c-section

It was early in the third trimester that we discovered she was transverse breech, and the only way she’d move was from side to side! My consultant said they would try manually turning her when I hit 37 weeks. However, at 35 weeks I went for a scan and found out I was losing fluid. This meant they wouldn’t be able to manually turn her, it was too much of a risk. I would have to have a c-section. It was at this time a midwife suggested I start collecting my colostrum as a way to prepare for feeding my daughter. I tried but I didn’t have any. I was so worried about this, thinking this meant I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed.

At my 36 week appointment my c-section was scheduled for 39 weeks, however, the next day I woke up to my waters breaking. We rushed to the hospital and I ended up having a semi-emergency c-section. It all happened so fast, it was hard to process it all.

Why was there no colostrum?

As soon as she was born my daughter latched straight away, but I quickly realised there was no milk there. I was tired, exhausted and so upset. Why couldn’t I provide for my daughter as a mother should? I felt awful.

I asked the nurses to bring me some formula as I had tried over and over to breastfeed my baby. No colostrum was coming out! We had a perfect latch, just no milk.

We had a perfect latch, just no milk.


Eventually, we got formula and she was much happier. Poor thing must have been so hungry! During the next few days I hoped my milk would come in.

my baby latched straight way but there was no milk

I was so happy when my milk finally came in

Finally, on the third day, I woke up with boobies full of milk! Hurrah! I was so happy and relieved. As soon as my baby girl woke up, she latched on and we’ve been breastfeeding ever since.

My mum tells me my body just needed to catch up. Because my daughter came three weeks early, my body just wasn’t prepared for her yet. Who knows if that’s right, but it’s a nice thought.

8 months on and I’m preparing to go back to work

I have now been breastfeeding for almost 8 months and I will continue to do so until my daughter decides she doesn’t want it! She currently has two teeth and although the biting is painful, I know we will get through it. She only bites when her teeth hurt, but milk always gives her comfort and I love that.

What’s harder to deal with than the biting is the prospect of returning to work soon and leaving her. Thankfully I’ll only be working two days a week so I won’t be away from her that much. To prepare us both I’m hoping to get into a new routine where I pump milk and her daddy gives her the expressed milk in a bottle. I’m also planning to leave her with her daddy and her Nanny for short periods of time so she gets used to me not being around all the time! I’m sure she will actually enjoy this, but it doesn’t make it any easier to leave her!

I’m really determined to make the new routine work as I don’t want to end our breastfeeding journey just because things will be changing with me going back to work. Breastfeeding has been a joy and neither of us are ready to stop just yet! You can follow my journey on Instagram: @mymumlifeuk.

Breastfeeding has been a joy and neither of us are ready to stop just yet!


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