Tennis superstar Serena Williams plans to donate her breast milk anonymously

Serena Williams and family 2023

Former tennis player Serena Williams is one of the most recognisable sports stars in the world. Having won countless tennis grand slam titles as a singles and doubles player, Serena is revered for being one of the best tennis players of all time. Now as a breastfeeding mother of two she wants to give back to other families who are in need of breast milk.

Since having her first child, daughter Olympia back in 2017, Serena has been open about her decision to breastfeed. In August of this year Serena welcomed her second child, named Idira River, with husband Alexis Ohanian. Once again she is breastfeeding and now finds herself in the position of being able to donate breast milk.

Serena Williams excited to donate her breast milk

In a reel Serena posted to Instagram she showed herself opening a freezer packed with her expressed breast milk stored in special breast milk bags. She explained she had pumped all the milk on a recent trip to New York and wanted to donate it to those in need.

As Serena shows her followers all the stored breast milk she says: “I’m really excited to donate some breast milk that I have left over from my trip to New York, to some people who really need it. It will be anonymous but super excited to just help – in some way.”

Serena Williams donates her “super soldier milk”

In the video caption Serena expands on why she wants to donate her breast milk. She writes: “On a recent trip to NY I had left over breast milk. After going through a screening I was able to donate it instead of taking the milk home. I know so many amazing women that adopt or are unable to make milk. It felt amazing. BTW Someone out there is getting some super soldier milk. 🤭.”

Serena’s 17 million followers were quick to applaud her decision to donate her breast milk. One follower replied: “Love not only that you did this but that you’re posting about it to bring much needed attention and visibility to the need for donor milk ! Thank you !”

Serena’s 17 million followers were quick to applaud her decision to donate her breast milk.

Donating breast milk is something many breastfeeding mothers do as a way of giving back and helping families in need. Breast milk can be donated to hospitals to help sick or premature babies whose own mother may be unable to provide their own breast milk for one reason or another.

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