The ultimate Amazon gift guide for breastfeeders

gift guide for breastfeeders

Christmas, birthday, breastfeeding milestone…whatever the occasion, breastfeeders everywhere deserve a special gift of appreciation. Something that shows you value them and all they are doing for their little one. To help, we’ve put together the ultimate Amazon gift guide for breastfeeders.

So whether you want to choose a practical present that will make their lives easier, or a sentimental piece of jewellery that marks their breastfeeding achievement, we’ve got you covered!

10 gift ideas for breastfeeding mothers

We’ve scoured Amazon for the best gift ideas for breastfeeding – from investment pieces like the luxurious pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow, to the inexpensive but fun boob mug. Which one(s) will you choose?

1. Silicone breast pump gift set

A silicone manual breast pump gift set is a really practical but thoughtful present! At some stage of a mothers breastfeeding journey they are likely going to need to express milk. A silicone breast pumps allows them to easily express milk in a fuss-free and convenient way.

2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow

The great thing about these pillows is that they can see a new mams through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond! Many mamas hold on to their pillows for many years as they can serve so many purposes.

3. Boob mug

Choose a fun and frivolous boob themed mug for your hot beverage loving breastfeeding mama! An inexpensive gift that’s perfect for the mama who loves tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

4. Breastfeeding necklace

A beautiful necklace to symbolise the beautiful bond between a breastfeeding mother and child – what could be more perfect? A lovely way to celebrate someone’s breastfeeding journey.

5. Dimmable night light

Make those night feedings easier to bear with an easy to use night light with touch sensor. Perfect soft lighting to ensure visibility but avoid unnecessary harsh brightness.

6. Nursing cover

There are so many different types of nursing covers, allowing mothers to feed discreetly in public should they wish to. Choose from apron-style structured covers to multi-use stretchy breastfeeding covers. A gift that keeps on giving!

7. New mama skin care set

Give a new mama the gift of self-care. When a new mother is recovering from birth and getting to grips with a newborn, it can be easy for them to neglect themselves. Remind them that they deserve to take time out to pamper themselves.

8. New mama notebook

If the breastfeeding mama in your life likes to be organised or loves to journal then a notebook will be the perfect gift. It’s a chance for them to plan their day, or record key milestones – which can be so easily forgotten in the business of every day life.

9. Breastfeeding pillow with travel bag

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hold anyone back from getting out and about and travelling. Choose a breastfeeding travel pillow for the wanderlust mamas who are always dreaming of their next adventure. A great gift for the breastfeeding mother who never sits still for too long!

10. Reusable nursing pads with bag

Forget disposable nursing pads, reusable ones are the way forward. Not only are they environmentally friendly and much more cost-effective, but you get to choose from a variety of funky and colourful designs!

Bonus ideas

For more breastfeeding gift ideas, click here! Or to play it safe, why not get them a Amazon voucher to choose their own gift?

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