The must-have breastfeeding checklist for new mamas

A​re you pregnant and preparing to breastfeed for the first time ever? Is your head spinning with all the information you’re taking in about breastfeeding and you’re not sure what you actually need? Maybe you’ve been out baby shopping and noticed all the breastfeeding products and paraphernalia?

We’ve put together a practical breastfeeding checklist to help you decide what items to spend your money on and what you should leave behind in the store.

Plenty of first time mamas panic about what they need to buy for breastfeeding. And to over-compensate, they tend to buy way to much stuff…which they inevitably don’t end up using. Boobingit to the rescue! Our breastfeeding checklist has the stuff you will really find useful and which won’t cost a fortune. I mean, breastfeeding is supposed to be a free option, right?!

In the following boobingit breastfeeding checklist we’ve listed 6 keys items to get. And because we’re mamas and we’re all about shopping quickly and easily, we’ve included Amazon affiliate links to help you along.

1. Nursing bras

A well-fitting nursing bra can make all the difference and allow you to breastfeed confidently and easily. Have a few soft nursing bras ready for when the baby arrives so that you can feed without restriction. Once you’re ready to get out and about you might then want to invest in some form-fitting bras.

Top tip: Once your milk properly comes in and your boobs have settled down in size, then get measured for a good quality nursing bra.

You might like to try these soft nursing bras…

Seamless nursing bras

Bra with drop-down nursing clip

2. Breast pads 

It’s worth buying some breast pads to place inside your bra, especially in the early days and weeks of breastfeeding when you are establishing your milk supply. Once you’ve established breastfeeding you may find you don’t leak milk and so no longer need them.

Top tip: You’ll want to have a think about whether you want to buy disposable or reusable breast pads. 

Would you choose reusable or disposable breast pads?

Reusable breast pads

Disposable breast pads

3. Nipple cream

Have a tube of nipple cream to hand as this will help soothe any initial soreness you experience from breastfeeding. Whilst many mamas are fortunate enough never to experience nipple pain, there is usually some soreness and discomfort in those early days of establishing breastfeeding. Afterall your nipples have never worked so hard!

Top tip: Lather on nipple cream in between feeds to give them some much-needed TLC.

Be kind to your nipples by using a soothing balm

A cult favourite nipple cream

100% natural nipple cream

4. Nursing coverup

A nursing cover can be useful to have at hand if you want to feed discreetly in front of people or in public. Some mamas use a simple muslin cloth to drape over themselves and their baby, whilst others invest in a specialist nursing cover-up. 

Top tip: Remember, it’s perfectly ok not to use a coverup at all!

Would you choose a muslin cloth or a specialist nursing cover?

Cotton muslin cloths

Nusing cover

5. Feeding pillow

Feeding pillows are curved pillows you can get to place on your lap and set your baby on top of to feed at the breast. You can also get specialist pillows that can be adjusted in height to suit you and your growing baby. Some women find breastfeeding is more comfortable when they use a pillow and it helps them get the baby in the right position to feed.

Top tip: Feeding pillows can have other uses too, like helping babies to practice sitting up.

Feeding pillows like these can be helpful in more ways than one

Adjustable feeding pillow

Standard feeding pillow

6. Breast milk collector

At some stage, you’ll probably find you will want or need to express milk. There are many wonderful devices out there that can collect your milk, not just breast pumps! For example, breast milk shells or suction devices that attach on to your breast are inexpensive but often effective ways to gather your milk.

Top tip: There’s no need to run out and buy an expensive breast pump unless you think you’ll need to use one a lot.

Breast milk shells and suction devices can be really effective when breastfeeding

Breast shells

Breast milk suction device


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