7 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from February 2024

Zoe Sugg breastfeeding February 2024

As we ease ourselves into the new year, it’s been heartening to see lots of celebrities post about their breastfeeding experiences.

One of the topics that came up amongst our favourite celebrities this month was breastfeeding in public as it was World Breastfeeding In Public Day on the 22nd February.

Scroll to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made it on to our list for February 2024.

1. Vanessa Breuer talks demand feeding

Vanessa Breuer is a mother, chef and model who regularly updates her followers with her work and family life goings-on. In her latest breastfeeding update Vanessa showed her toddler daughter Mila feeding from the breast, and telling her followers how her youngest child is “my first bubba fully on demand fed”. She goes on to say “I have no clue when we will stop the breastfeeding journey…Until then I’ll take pics because you enver know when it will be the last time.”.


2. Ferne McCann promotes breastfeeding in public

This month Reality Star Ferne McCann marked World Breastfeeding In Public Day, which took place on the 22nd February. She joined in with Pippeta’s ‘Proud to Feed’ campaign to promote breastfeeding in public. She posted a slew of photos of her breastfeeding baby daughter Finty, hoping that she was doing her bit to help other breastfeeding mums “to confidently nurse your baby in public, any day of the year”.


3. Zoe Sugg breastfeeds newborn out and about

Entrepreneur and online influencer Zoe Sugg is the proud mama of two, having recently given birth to her second child, a little girl. She keeps her 9 million fans updated with her new year goings ons by adding a weekly photo diary to Instagram. Two of the photos from February showed her breastfeeding her newest addition whilst out and about in public with her family. In the comments section many mothers praised her for breastfeeding in public. One follower @chelse_norman said: Loving the breastfeeding photos 🥰 thank you for normalising it!


4. Charlotte Dawson champions breastfeeding in public

Reality star Charlotte Dawson was another celebrity keen to mark World Breastfeeding In Public Day this month. She uploaded a selection of photos breastfeeding both her sons, Noah and Jude. In the caption she honoured World Breastfeeding In Public Day by saying “what a fabulous day to celebrate.. im so proud of us women & our bodies and whatever we choose to feed our babies is best”. She also let her followers know that she was proud to still be exclusively breastfeeding her baby son Jude, after combi feeding her older son Noah when he was a baby.


5. Iliza Shlesinger breastfeeds newborn in hospital

This month comedian Iliza Shlesinger gave birth to her second child, a little boy called Ethan. She updated her fans about the new arrival with a series of photos from hospital. One photo showed her breastfeeding her newborn son on the hospital bed with her beaming husband by her side. In the caption she hilariously and honestly told her followers that “I didn’t stop eating from the moment I had him until we left the hospital.”


6. Ashley James wants advice on stopping breastfeeding

In February presenter and broadcaster Ashley James posted a funny reel to Instagram that had a serious message to it. Ashley wanted advice on how to stop breastfeeding her daughter Ada, who will be turning one next month. It was Ashley’s goal to breastfeed for one year and now she wants to find a way to stop breastfeeding, asking her followers “How did you stop breastfeeding without it being traumatic for your baby?”. Her followers were quick to give their advice and suggestions on the matter. Fellow breastfeeding mama kelly_creegan said what worked for her: “I offered cuddles every other feed slowly and then reduced down. First couple of weeks were tough but fast forward 1 year and she wants cuddles all the time!”


7. Maggie Maurer shares breastfeeding photo

Model Maggie Maurer shared a colourful shot from her Vogue France job. The photo, which she posted to Instagram, showed her breastfeeding her daughter on the floor with crayons and colouring pages scattered around them. Maggie’s comment section was full of love and adoration for the expressive photo.

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