Breastfeeding twins & triplets – live stream with Kathryn Stagg IBCLC

Kathryn Stagg IBCLC
To mark Twins, Triplets and More Week (3-9 July) we are hosting a special live stream with Kathryn Stagg IBCLC. We’ll be talking all about breastfeeding multiples – sharing useful information, top tips and advice with you all.

Ruth from boobingit will be speaking with special guest Kathryn Stagg IBCLC who set up the Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK charity. Kathryn specialises in feeding multiples, and she herself is a parent four boys including identical twins. She created the popular Facebook group Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK several years ago, and has now turned this into a charity-run organisation supporting families across Great Britain.

Most recently Kathryn wrote her first book, ‘Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets’, which is a guide for professionals and parents. You can follow Kathryn on Instagram here – @kathrynstaggibclc.

Breastfeeding twins & triplets - live stream Join us for a livestream on Friday 7th July 

Join Ruth and Kathryn on Friday 7th July at 4pm GMT for a live stream on the boobingit Instagram page. During the live Kathryn will be offering advice and practical top tips for preparing to breastfeed twins or triplets.

Kathryn will also provide invaluable information around things like positioning babies for feeds, expressing milk, tandem feeding and breastfeeding in public.

Listen to our podcast episode with Kathryn Stagg here.  

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