Ep. 25: Breastfeeding support within the Armed Forces

Natasha Day. armed forces

Our special guest on the podcast this week is Natasha Day, a serving medic in the British Army and Chair of The Defence Breastfeeding Network. Natasha won the Inspirational Woman in Defence 2021 title for all the work she has done to support and spread awareness of breastfeeding women within The Services.

Natasha talks about how far breastfeeding support within the Armed Forces has come since she set up The Defence Breastfeeding Network in June 2020.

Inspired to set up the network after returning to work from maternity leave and determined to continue breastfeeding, she wanted to find a way to ensure all breastfeeding families across the Army, Navy, and RAF have access to help and support.

Natasha speaks about her own early motherhood journey and the physical and emotional connection she has from breastfeeding her son, who is now two and half.

A big part of our conversation centres on the need for better support for breastfeeding people returning to work after having a baby. We look at why this benefits the breastfeeding person and their family, but also the organisation as a whole.

Breastfeeding support in Armed Forces

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With rising rates of women in the Armed Forces, Natasha speaks about how they are seen as an asset and why career progression still matters even after starting a family and having maternity leave.

“Breastfeeding mothers are an asset to the workplace – we’re not a detriment – and the Army recognises this.”

You can follow Natasha Day on Twitter here.

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