Ep.13: Getting to grips with breastfeeding and motherhood during a pandemic

On the podcast this week I am joined by Grace who is mama to little Freddie, born at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020. Grace was actually one of the first mamas to share her breastfeeding story on boobingit.com when we launched last year. Since then she’s become one of boobingit’s founding members and has even become a regular contributor to the platform.

Grace talks about what it’s been like finding her feet as a first-time mother in a global pandemic, how she found getting to grips with breastfeeding during lockdown, and her experience of getting the Covid vaccine. She also talks about returning to work as a healthcare worker, and how her employers are supporting her to continue to breastfeed. We cover a lot of ground in this episode and I think it’ll be a story that will resonate with so many new parents.

“I do feel robbed of my maternity leave. I haven’t been able to go to baby classes and chat with other mums. It’s been very tough at times but I do try and take the positives away from it. Freddie and I have an amazing bond, because it has just been us.”

breastfeeding and motherhood during a pandemic

Listen to the episode here

Key talking points

  • What it was like giving birth in the hospital during the height of the pandemic in the UK
  • Her c-section recovery and tips for others going through the same surgery
  • Why she wished she had done more breastfeeding research whilst pregnant
  • The upside and downside of spending most of her maternity leave in lockdown
  • Her decision to get the Covid vaccine to protect her and her son
  • Returning to work and how her employers are supporting her to continue breastfeeding

This episode of the boobingit podcast is sponsored by NINE + QUARTER maternity, a brand that offers a different kind of maternity and nursing wear. Their mission is to bring you on-trend, organic and easy-to-rock designs that fit seamlessly into your pre- and post-pregnancy wardrobe without compromising your style. Listen in to the episode for an exclusive 15% off code to use across the NINE+QUARTER pregnancy and breastfeeding range.

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