“With the premature arrival of my seventh baby, I wasn’t sure if we’d breastfeed”

seventh baby breastfeed

As a mother to six children, the arrival of number seven was going to be no different. I have always tried to breastfeed and have never been precious about being unsuccessful.

I was admitted to hospital at 29 weeks

seventh baby breastfeed

During my pregnancy, I was admitted to hospital at 29 weeks. I stayed in hospital for 5 weeks until I was induced due to severe hypertension and early rupture of membranes at 33 weeks of pregnancy. As this was my second premature baby, I was prepared that I may not have the opportunity to breastfeed, as I was unable to do so with my previous premature baby. 

Following the birth, baby was taken straight to NICU where she remained for 2 weeks. It was 48 hours before I was supported by a midwife to collect colostrum. I continued to collect colostrum until my milk was established, and then began to express. This was a tough time, no sooner was I expressing, it was time to go back to the hospital ready for baby tube feeds. Suddenly I felt so much pressure on myself to succeed.

I felt so much pressure on myself to succeed.

At 10 days old, baby tried to latch for the first time

Once my daughter was 10 days old, I was encouraged to try feeding. On the first go, baby successfully latched on! I can’t explain how incredible that feeling was of her first latch! I would then express and breastfeed as often as I could to enable baby to transition home. 

Now we’re home, the journey continues to be a tough one, with lots of ups and downs. My daughter has struggled with her weight gain so is also required to have a high-calorie top-up of infant formula to support this. There have been days I’ve felt ready to give up, feeling like I’ve failed and unable to produce enough fatty milk to give a good weight gain. Nevertheless, I have persevered and continued our journey despite good days and bad days.

At six months old we still face challenges

seventh baby breastfeed

My daughter was born at 34 weeks and despite being 6 months old now, she is still very small. Being a plus-size Mother, breastfeeding comes with its challenges and it is not always easy to find a comfortable position for baby and I, or to be discreet when we’re out and about!

Being a plus-size Mother, breastfeeding comes with its challenges and it is not always easy to find a comfortable position for baby and I

Recently, my little one would not settle in the evening, so I decided to give laidback nursing a try. I had seen a post about the benefits of laidback nursing from Boobingit and thought I would try out the position for myself. After feeding her in a reclined position, she got a good feed and then fell asleep at the breast snoring!

Laid back breastfeeding has been a game-changer

I am so pleased I took the plunge and tried a new position that has worked for us and now have a baby in her crib in a deep sleep. It’s been a game-changer. It just goes to show you it’s never too late to try different nursing positions.

Here’s hoping we have many more breastfeeding days ahead of us.

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