There are the things I wish someone had told me about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding for the first time can be a steep learning curve and sometimes you may wonder what you signed up for! Many of us enter into breastfeeding a bit clueless, hoping for the best. If only we had a best friend at hand to guide us, give us breastfeeding tips and share words of wisdom with us when we need it most.

Lucky for you, we have an entire community of boobingit mamas who can help. When we asked our followers on Instagram stories what they wish someone had told them about breastfeeding, they answered in their droves! So passionate are these breastfeeding mamas, that they want to pass on their knowledge and experience to help others get through those early days of breastfeeding.

Mamas share their breastfeeding tips and words of wisdom

It’s hard at the start but it gets easier

‘Give it a few weeks, it’s really hard to start but I promise it gets easier and is so rewarding.’ Jade

‘It’s ok if you don’t enjoy it all of the time, the bond isn’t always instant either.’ Hayley

‘You’re both learning. It takes time. It’s the best thing you can do for your baby.’ Elle

Image courtesy of Ebonie Chandraraj

‘It takes time to learn for both you and baby…take it one feed at a time and be kind to yourself.’ Meg Conran-Turner

‘It gets easier! Those first two weeks are the worst and first six weeks are hard, but it’ll get better!’ Taiylor

‘Don’t give up on a bad day.’ Stacey

Get comfortable before you feed

‘Before you and baby latch, get yourself comfortable! This truly made the most difference.’ Rachel Silvester

‘Get snacks! Always be comfortable! Your baby is getting enough.’ Emily Calam

‘Remember to set yourself up for success before feeds – all the snacks, water, bathroom before, etc.’ Taiylor

‘Get a netflix show to binge then you can look forward to feeds.’ Jade

breastfeeding tips

Prepare yourself for cluster feeding

‘Be prepared for cluster feeding, it’s completely normal but can be overwhelming.’ Rachel Davies

‘Yes always feeding is normal, yes you have enough milk, no they don’t go three hours between feeds.’ Kat

Ask for support when you need it

‘Be prepared for the mental tax it’ll have on you, esp at first and vocalize that for support.’ Taiylor

‘Ask for support and keep asking until you are breastfeeding happily. Dont worry about how many times!’ Naomi

Put off visitors for a few weeks

‘Take a week or two with no visitors so you can just have skin to skin and establish feeding!’ Meg Conran-Turner

‘Make no plans.’ Megan Girvan

breastfeeding tips
Image courtesy of Emily Calam

Don’t put yourself under pressure

‘Do what works for you and don’t put pressure on yourself.’ Kat

‘When you’re overwhelmed just concentrate on their tiny hands and breathe.’ Rachel

‘It might go really well! There’s not always difficulties.’ Catherine

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