Yorkshire Shepherdess: ‘Gnarled old farmers’ have better breastfeeding attitude than city dwellers

By Anita Singh

The Yorkshire Shepherdess has suggested that “gnarled old hill farmers” can be more open-minded about breastfeeding than city-dwellers.

Amanda Owen, who has breastfed her nine children over a period of 15 years, said people were wrong to make assumptions about country folk.

“The number of times I’ve been at the auction mart with a papoose on my back, breastfeeding a baby among all those gnarled old hill farmers, and no one bats an eyelid.

“And then you read about somebody being thrown out of a cafe for breastfeeding and you’re like, ‘Hang on, who’s the most open-minded?’ It’s maybe not who you think,” she said.

Owen, 48, also told the Radio Times that she had never encountered sexism among the farming community in the Yorkshire Dales.

“Personally, I’ve never experienced any sexism,” she said.

“I’ve always found agriculture, particularly working outdoors, very welcoming if you’ve got the enthusiasm, along with a certain amount of humility and an ability to look at how it’s being done.”

Owen made headlines last year when she split from her husband, Clive, with whom she appeared in Our Yorkshire Farm, their fly-on-the-wall series for Channel 5.

Amanda and Clive
Amanda and Clive split last year. They now ‘take it in turns to shout at the kids’, he said CREDIT: Our Yorkshire Farm

The break-up forced the end of the show and they now have separate projects: Clive and one of the couple’s children, Reuben, now star in a spin-off, Beyond the Yorkshire Farm; while Owen is presenting Farming Lives, a new documentary on Channel 4.

The pair continue to run their farm and raise their children together, and Owen joked that the new arrangement “just means we take it in turns to shout at the kids”.

This article was first published here. You can read the original article in full here.

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