6 of the best celebrity breastfeeding moments from January 2024

With a brand new year comes brand new celebrity breastfeeding content! We can’t wait to bring you the latest breastfeeding updates from some of the world’s top celebrities, reality stars and influencers. Throughout January 2024 we have had models, singers, reality stars and more flying the breastfeeding flag.

Scroll to see which celebrity breastfeeding moments made it on to our list for January 2024.

1. Model Vanessa Breuer breastfeeds in a baby carrier

Vanessa Breuer is a mother, chef and model who regularly updates her followers with her work and family life goings-on. Vanessa kicked off the new year with a breastfeeding update on her Instagram page. She uploaded a photo of her breastfeeding in a baby carrier and from the comments section it was clear that many people were in awe and admiration of this! Many new mothers struggle to breastfeed sitting down but Vanessa shows us that with time, experience and dedication we may be able to breastfeed on the go!


2. Ferne McCann’s glamorous breastfeeding photoshoot

This month Reality Star Ferne McCann marked 6 months breastfeeding her daughter Finty with a glamorous breastfeeding photoshoot. In recent years breastfeeding photoshoots are becoming more and more common and we’re here for it! What a wonderful way to celebrate a breastfeeding milestone and the bond between you and your little one.


3. Caroline Vreeland gets candid about her second breastfeeding journey

Singer Caroline Vreeland gave birth to her second child late last year and in January she updated her fans on her breastfeeding journey with baby number two. Alongside a slideshow of breastfeeding photos Caroline wrote: “My breastfeeding journey with Otto is night and day compared to what I went through with Miro.” Caroline goes onto explain that she had to exclusively pump milk for her older son, whereas she is able to directly nurse her youngest son from the breast. Caroline is proof that no two breastfeeding journeys are the same!


4. Charlotte Dawson breastfeeds on the move

Reality star Charlotte Dawson is always entertaining her fans online with her hilarious antics. In January she uploaded a reel of her breastfeeding her baby in her nightie with her toddler son clinging onto her leg, all whilst dancing about! This is new mum life at its finest – multitasking and doing what she has to do to keep her two boys happy!


5. Ireland Baldwin breastfeeds in the car

She may be the daughter of two Hollywood film stars but Ireland Baldwin often shows us how down-to-earth she is. In one of her new year posts, mama of one Ireland showed herself breastfeeding her little girl in the car, with the caption: “when life becomes about naps, you’ll pull over anywhere”. At one stage or another, a breastfeeding mother will find themselves breastfeeding in the car – and Ireland is no different. The reality is when baby is hungry, you’ll feed anywhere, anytime!


6. Singer from rock band July Talk pumps milk on stage!

This month a video went viral of the singer Leah Fay Goldstein pumping milk on stage during a performance with her band July Talk. It was the most epic example of how mothers can multitask at the highest level. Singing to a crowd whilst expressing milk with a double electric breast pump? No problem! We are in awe of Leah and she brings a whole other meaning to the term ‘rockstar’.

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