Breastfeeding finally fell into place after having my third son

breastfeeding boy mom

My name is Tanya and I am a mom to four beautiful boys. I hope my story helps some of you that are struggling or not sure when is the right time to wean your little one. With my first son, I only heard negative things about breastfeeding and so decided it wasn’t for me. As time went on I realised how wonderful breastfeeding was, but it wasn’t until I had my third child that things began I to fall into place. Now I can say I am a proud boy mom who breastfeeds.

As a young mom I was worried what breastfeeding would do to my boobs

I became a mom at a young age with my first son. Of course at a young age, we want to look good and we care how our bodies look after babies. I always heard comments on how your boobs will get HUGE then deflate like pancakes (lol).

“I always heard comments on how your boobs will get HUGE then deflate like pancakes.”

Being that young and having a great bod at the time I didn’t want to “ruin” my body so I decided to not breastfeed my baby. Three weeks after my baby was born, he was crying non-stop and I didn’t know what to do. I tried holding him, rocking him, and he just wouldn’t calm down. I decided to lay down with him skin to skin and he seemed to be calming down.

I decided to give breastfeeding a go, but it was too late

Out of curiosity, I tried latching him on and he did! He was so content being close to me that he relaxed and fell asleep. At that moment, I knew what my baby needed. I decided to breastfeed him but unfortunately, my body wasn’t producing enough milk anymore. I tried to nurse him as much as possible and also gave him formula until he was three months old, then I dried up. No one never told me to keep nursing him, or to keep pumping so my body would produce more. 

Five years later, I gave birth to my second son. This time I was determined to breastfeed. Once again, I didn’t have the support system that I needed. I did everything I could to nurse my chunky little squish but I wasn’t producing enough. Or so I thought. I ended up supplementing with formula. I felt like a failure. I ended up drying out when he was four months old because I unexpectedly got pregnant with boy number three.

This time around I did all the research I could

breastfeeding boy mom

Throughout my pregnancy with my third baby I did my research. I bought everything I felt I needed to have a successful breastfeeding journey. I came across Legendairy Milk products (organic herbal lactation products) and decided to buy their three bottle bundle.

“I bought everything I felt I needed to have a successful breastfeeding journey.”

When my baby was born, I made sure I did things right this time. I nursed him on demand. I kept myself hydrated, ate enough calories, kept my cool (it’s hard when you have more than one kid, trust me), and I learned to ask for help when I needed it.

Finally, I could say I was a proud boy mom who breastfeeds!

I was able to breastfeed this babe with not even one drop of formula for 18 months!!! I was so proud of myself. He started showing signs of weaning when he nursed less and less and no longer needed to comfort nurse before bed. And now, with my fourth little nugget, I also nursed him on demand. I was more experienced this time and the Legendairy Milk products helped me along the way.

I also started to follow @thelittlemilkbar on Instagram and found them to be so helpful. I was one of those moms who had to run to the restroom to nurse her crying baby but after following her page, not anymore sister! I got this! I was a proud boy mom who breastfeeds, finally.

Three years on and I’m still breastfeeding

My nursling is now three years old and I’m still breastfeeding him despite the weird looks and the rude comments by some friends and family. My baby will stop when he’s ready. Did you know that your milk will continue to enhance your toddler’s immune system to protect them from illness? Hello Covid-19!

Did you know that your milk will continue to enhance your toddler’s immune system to protect them from illness?

I’m so grateful to be able to keep nursing my toddler. I see little signs here and there that he is almost ready to self wean. He nurses less now. Usually morning, before nap, sometimes but rarely for comfort, and finally before bed. But I’ll be sure to treasure every moment that I still have with him needing me for comfort. 

boy mom who breastfeeds

Every drop counts!

If you’re reading this and struggling, all I can say is never give up mama! And most definitely no one is a failure. Whether you nurse the first 24 hours, two weeks, a month…EVERY DROP COUNTS!! Don’t let anyone or anything come in between you and your baby. Only you mama knows what’s best for that sweet little babe of yours. We all carry gold boobs!! 😄😄

You can follow me and my boys on Instagram @_4theloveofboys_

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