Emmerdale star’s wife Steph Miller breastfeeds live on TV

Steph Miller breastfeeding live on TV

Actor and Emmerdale star Danny Miller was a guest on the Loose Woman talk show with his wife Steph and their two children.

Steph had recently given birth to their second child and they were openly talking to the Loose Women panel about life with two kids under two. It soon became obvious little baby Edith wanted to feed! Steph quickly met the needs of her baby and breastfed her there and then – live on TV!

Praised for breastfeeding in public

Since the show aired live on Friday 18th August, Steph Miller has been praised for breastfeeding her daughter in public. Many people believe it goes along way to helping normalising breastfeeding in public – something which still carries stigma even now! Earlier this week breastfeeding mom Izabele Lomax was filmed breastfeeding her son on the beach and then publicily shamed on Facebook by the mother who filmed her.

As Steph met the needs of her hungry newborn on TV, it showed viewers that that breastfeeding in public is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s simply a mother meeting the needs of her baby. Afterall, babies don’t care where they are – when they’re hungry they are hungry!

As Steph met the needs of her hungry newborn on TV, it showed viewers that that breastfeeding in public is nothing to be ashamed of

Breastfeeding is completely normal and natural

Just hours after their appearance on Loose Women, Danny Miller, who is known for playing Aaron Livesy on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, took to Instagram to post about what happened. He praised his wife for “flying the breastfeeding flag” and showing that “breastfeeding is completely normal and natural”.

In his Instagram post Aaron wrote: “I wanted to take this moment to say how incredibly proud I am of my wife @stephjones1710 – the most incredible Mother – for flying the breastfeeding flag and showing how when it’s needed, nothing comes before it. I bloody love this woman. In absolute awe of her 🥹

Breastfeeding is completely normal and natural. It’s food. It’s responding to the babies needs. It really is that simple. And whenever they need it, they should have it. Regardless of the situation. Including live television

I hope that Edith needing exactly that helps towards normalising breastfeeding wherever and whenever.”


Men can be breastfeeding advocates too

Aaron earned praise for the powerful way he showed support for his wife and breastfeeding. People took to the comments section of his Instagram post in their droves and thanked him for being an amazing breastfeeding advocate and supportive husband.

Of course the comments section was also flooded with praise for his wife. Tammy Hewitt said: “It was so natural the way that Steph fed Edith. No fuss, no embarrassment just pure maternal instinct. Was lovely to see ❤️.” Cogie Bingham added: “The baby did not know she was on live TV. She was hungry and had to be fed. Good for you Steph. Your baby comes first. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼”

Normalising breastfeeding in public

Steph breastfeeding live on TV is reminicisent of Ashley James breastfeeding her son Alf on the Jeremy Vine show back in 2021. Both these events made headlines around the world and got people openly talking about breastfeeding.

Slowly but surely the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding in public is falling away – giving mothers the confidence to feed their little ones anywhere and anywhere.

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