Ep. 37: How Fraupow is improving breastfeeding support for new mothers

Sunita Boyes from Fraupow

Sunita Boyes, mama of one and Founder and CEO of the breastfeeding brand Fraupow, is our special guest on the podcast this week.

Fraupow is a breastfeeding support company which designs and develops breastfeeding pumps. Their wearable breast pump has won Best Breast Pump 2021 and Best Wearable Pump 2022. 

Sunita Boyes of Fraupow offering breastfeeding support services
Sunita Boyes, Founder and CEO of Fraupow

Born and raised in London, Sunita now lives in Switzerland with her husband and four year old daughter. It was her experience of new motherhood and breastfeeding which motivated her to setup Fraupow in 2020. In this episode we talk about the importance of breastfeeding support and specifically what Fraupow are doing to step up and offer much-needed support to new mamas. Sunita also opens up about her own breastfeeding challenges and how it spurred her on to help other new mothers who may also be struggling.

Sunita also announces the new breastfeeding telehealth support service for Fraupow customers – which consists of three 1-2-1 breastfeeding support sessions with a midwife. They also hope to increase the number of Fraupow feeding spots in public spaces across the UK this year.

“After birth I hit a wall with breastfeeding and was completely blindsided by the challenges that I faced. They say 80% of mums quit breastfeeding before they want to which is such a shame.”

Sunite Boyes, Mama of one and Founder of Fraupow

Listen to the episode here

Fraupow wearable breast pump
The award-winning Fraupow wearable breast pump

You can find our more about our podcast sponsors Fraupow on their website fraupow.com.

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